3 Ingredients for Career Satisfaction

Statistics show that over 70% of people are not satisfied with their career. That’s a lot of unhappy people! When I first heard this statistic, I had to admit that I was surprised.  Sure, I don’t see a lot of my neighbours skipping to work everyday…but I also didn’t think that this number would be quite so high.And as alarming as this is, it tells me two very interesting things. First, when it comes to career choice – few people get it right the first time.  And second, while career satisfaction may be difficult to achieve, it is not impossible  Think about it: if 30% of people are in love with what they do for a living – then there’s a chance that you can get into the club too!In my 6+ years as a Career Coach I’ve read a lot about career choice, career satisfaction, the relationship between success & happiness…  And basically, what I can boil it all down to is this:  crafting a truly great career requires that you honour 3 key personal ingredients… 

  1. Your Talents: aka your aptitudes or the things you’re naturally good at but maybe don’t even know it.
  2. Your Personality: the quantity and quality of interaction you want with the world.
  3. Your Purpose: what’s meaningful to you and what kind of contribution do you want to make in this world .

If this is the first time you’re hearing about it, I elaborate on these key ingredients in my FREE audio e-course.   But others may be thinking, “this isn’t really rocket science.”   Granted, maybe you’ve already figured some of this stuff out – through trial and error.  Or maybe you were forced to do a personality assessment as part of company retreat.  Maybe you even spent some time really contemplating what you want to do with your life.  That’s great!  But here’s the thing… knowing what it takes to craft the perfect career is very different than actually making it happen.  As my mentor – and arguable the greatest Career Coach ever – Nicholas Lore once said, “It takes committed, high energy, full-tilt boogie participation to have the kind of life you want.”  

And that’s really what coaching is all about: moving you from awareness to action.   A coach is your  sounding board when making choices, your motivation when strong actions are called for, and your partner in helping you achieve all of what matters most to you.   So if you want to be a member of the exclusive 30% club – let’s talk.  I like to boogie.


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