Your Biggest Obstacle to Career Success

Find out what’s REALLY holding you back!

I used to think the biggest obstacle to landing my dream job would be education…

Then I earned a Masters degree and I continued to struggle so I knew it wasn’t true.

I also thought it was a lack of confidence on my part, fear of rejection or challenging economic conditions that were in the way of my success.

And although mastery in these areas is essential, there is actually a more subtle and damaging obstacle preventing your professional success…


It appears that a lack of clarity around what you want is the biggest obstacle to your career success.


The career frustration I hear most from clients is not financial, but rather I don’t know what I want… but I know it’s not this!” 

This frustration is usually also evident in an ugly cycle of:

  1. Get job
  2. Hate job
  3. Quit job
  4. Repeat

Heather-Final-016And general procrastination and paralysis when it comes to being on purpose and of service doing what you love.

So I’m inviting you to a live call where we’re going to kick doubt to the curb with some very easy tools that’ll have you feeling focused in no time!

And then we’ll laser in on the nuts, bolts and structures you need to get on with creating a stylish career you’ll love.


Join us here: Live Free Call 

on March 26th at noon MT. 


During this live call I’ll share:

The fastest way to conquer doubt and indecision and why you need to do this prior to implementing any career changes.

  • The No.1 tool that’ll support you in attracting your ideal career immediately
  • The 3 structures you need in place to successfully change your career in just 6 months or less

And if you can’t make the live call we’ll send you a recording when you register.

I’ll look forward to being with you on the call, live from my office!






I’ll be taking your questions live on this call so feel free to dial in if you’d like some personalized support at the end.


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About Heather

HeatherHeather Petherick is a career & performance coach for talented and dynamic women.  Despite being a super nerd throughout school, she landed in white-collar career hell right out of University. It was a shocking wake up call to the realities of working in a job that devalued her natural abilities. Refusing to settle for a lifetime of well-paid misery, she ditched her crappy job and vowed to find a way to unify her work and self. Along the way she discovered a unique coaching process that she now shares with clients.

Since 2007 Heather has been using humour, courage, and the unvarnished truth to help clients create fabulous careers and achieve the success they’re meant for.

Heather lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, with her husband and two children.

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