No b!tchiness allowed. Ever. Are you with me?

I’m taking a stand for women to support each other.

No b!tchiness allowed

No more b!tchiness.
No more cliques.
No more back-stabbing, judgey types.

Are you with me?

I think we can blame reality TV for some of this.  It seems that the female “cat fight” has become the new low-budget, sure-fire way to increase TV ratings but, frankly, I’ve had enough of that ridiculousness.

Every woman I share this idea with breathes a huge sigh of relief.  Like, OMG, right!?

Let’s face it, our own inner critic is already doing a bang up job of pointing out where we fall short.  We don’t need any help there.

What we do need is a community of women who’ve got our back.

Trusted peers who will:

  • Cheer us on to dig deeper and keep going
  • Defend our vision when we begin to waiver
  • Call us out on our own small thinking
  • Point the way when we’ve lost our bearings, and
  • Celebrate our wins with ladylike abandon!

That doesn’t mean we have to go all Pollyanna. No. In fact, I would argue that it takes real strength to look at a difficult situation with a balance of both optimism and realism whether that’s in our work, relationships, community or our business.

It takes a strong woman to recognize that there’s more than enough for all of us; that we are not competitors. And that by working to build each other up, we create success for everyone.

That’s the kind of woman I want to know.
That’s the kind of community I want to create.
Are you with me?


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