Build your own mindset practice [Mindset Part 3 of 4]

Last week I shared with you some super easy practices you can do each day to set yourself up for success in your career and your life.

In part 3 (below) I’m going to share some more fun and activities you can do to create your own personal mindset practice. You can do them with my own personal practice that I shared with you last week, on their own, or a combination. Whatever works for you.




What’s important is that you take time to cultivate a positive mindset in the same way you take time to exercise to be healthy. It only requires a few minutes a day, and the effects are so rewarding.

So sit back, relax, and see which of these ideas resonate for you.

1) Meditation

Set a timer, sit in a chair and begin your day with a gentle meditation. Close your eyes and give your mind a much-deserved rest.

2) Listen or Dance to Music

Choose a song that makes you feel good. Close your eyes and really listen to it, or get up and dance while the music flows through your body.


3) Get Out in Nature

Think of a beautiful place near your home or work and go for a walk. Slow down and focus on the life around you – birds singing, the green of the grass, the smell of flowers, the feel of the sun on your skin.

4) Mantras

Create some statements that reflect the reality you are trying to create. For example, “I am a happy, healthy, wealthy woman.” Repeat them to yourself daily.

5) Journaling

Write in a journal at the end of each day. Review your successes, things you feel grateful for, and dreams and then write down what you did towards accomplishing them.


These are just a few easy practices you can do each day to build a positive attitude which, in turn, can lead to more success in your career and your life.

You can do this! It’s not hard, it just takes commitment. If you do it every day, you will start to see shifts happening and a whole new world of possibilities and your future self will thank you.


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