Career Clarity Manifesto

Are you:

  • Hungering for a career that can keep you satisfied?
  • Starving for an opportunity to fulfill your true potential?
  • Fed up with work that’s beating you down?

If that’s the case, then check out my fresh new ebook: (I designed it just for you ;-))

The Career Clarity Manifesto: a Revolutionary Recipe to a Nourishing Career

Career Clarity Manifesto

See, 15 years of navigating my own career-makeover and helping scores of talented women to do the same, this is what I know:

The secret to real & enduring success is creating a career that fits you intimately.

It’s kind of like creating your own unique career recipe instead of picking off the menu of “Who’s Hiring” and hoping you acquire a taste for it.


The Career Clarity Manifesto is a power-packed, 22-page workbook that helps you identify in laser-like fashion what you *truly* need to be happy in work and in life.


Make no mistake: this isn’t wishy-washy stuff.

In fact, The Career Clarity Manifesto is a revolutionary first step towards turning things around. Finally. Simply. Strategically. 

Honestly, I can’t imagine a better way to spend $30*.

*except on a nice bottle of wine… or a pedicure… but they won’t improve your career 😉


The Career Clarity Manifesto ebook walks you step-by-step through a simple process that helps you answer 4 key questions:

Step 1: How did you get here? (the secret to moving forward in anything is getting free of the past)

Step 2: Where are you now? (find out where you rank AND what’s possible along the spectrum of career satisfaction)

Step 3: What are your unique ingredients? (a straight look at what you’ve got to work with)

Step 4: What’s your recipe? (roll up your sleeves and get ready to mix it up!)



What IS included get from the Career Clarity Manifesto:

  • A whole new way of looking at your career
  • The answers as to why you’re tired, frustrated and worn out by your job
  • A rare opportunity to take stock of who you really are
  • My insider secret of what it takes to be successful in any career
  • A simple 4-step process that edges you toward career clarity
  • 7 funky exercises to get you unstuck
  • A friendly kick in the pants to keep you moving forward (just in case 😉

What’s NOT included in the Career Clarity Manifesto ebook:

  • Long-winded pages that will bore you to death
  • A complete career makeover (what do you expect for only $30?!)
  • A minion that will do the uncomfortable work for you

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* photo credit (courtesy of Despicable Me 2 movie)


Remember: The Career Clarity Manifesto ebook is the first critical step in moving forward with your career!

Stop wasting your talents. Get The Career Clarity Manifesto. Discover a better future.

Satisfaction Guarantee

In friendship,


Heather Petherick
Career & Performance Specialist

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