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From the outside you look like you’ve got it all together.  You’re a smart, well-educated, stylish woman.  You’ve built a solid reputation for yourself in your career and friends and family admire you.

But on the inside you feel like you’re falling apart.

The truth is you:

  • Feel a deep pit of dread in your stomach Monday mornings
  • Are sick of chasing quotas and feeling like a corporate pawn
  • Crave more way more meaning and impact (most days you’re bored of out your skull!)
  • See your confidence and motivation evaporating by the minute
  • Fear that if this keeps up – the 60+ hour work week, office politics and constant stress –  you’re going to seriously damage your health and relationships

The problem is a major misalignment between you and your job.

Whether this is a new career development or you’ve been living in a sizzling hot career hell for a while, now you spend your evenings and weekends just recovering from your job – binge watching Netflix and numbing the pain of your work week with a box of wine – instead of living the life you’re meant to!

This is your time to:

  • Up-level your life and evolve your career
  • Leave behind the secret career shame and confusion
  • Take action to create a career with real freedom and fulfilment
  • Step into the next (best!) chapter of your life



be incredible


This is your opportunity

There’s no reason to settle for work that doesn’t light you up.  There’s no need to keep waiting to be happy.


The women I work with are up to big and incredible things in this world.  They’re done with playing small and squandering their talents. They don’t apologize for wanting to make a unique impact, to use their gifts and to have both the time and money to enjoy their lives.

My goal is to support you…

This is a private coaching experience with me, Heather Petherick, veteran career freedom coach. Over the last decade I’ve helped 100’s of women through my writing, speaking and coaching.  I’ve helped engineers, bankers, lawyers, accountants and scores of other professional women evolve their career from one of boredom and burnout to having more freedom and fulfillment!

But I know how scary it can be.  I know you’ve worked hard and long to get where you are and you don’t want to do anything foolish.  And yet, you know you can’t keep doing what you’re doing. You know that you’re wasting your talents, you’ve outgrown your role, and see the career frustration bleeding into other areas of your life.

Lately you’ve been…

  • arguing with your husband or nagging your kids more than you’d like to admit (You’ve seen ‘that look’ they give you)
  • questioning your motivation, dedication and potential (Where did your ‘spark’ go?)
  • binge eating Oreos and self medicating with boxed wine (this is NOT how you imagined your life!)

It’s time for Your Career Makeover

Deep down you know that you’re meant for something more.  Something better!  You want to do something big – something meaningful – but you haven’t been able to pin down what that is, much less make it happen.

That’s where I come in.





Why Me

Why? Because I’ve been on the other side and understand the Sunday-night dread and secret career shame.

I worked for years to get an education only to realize that what it prepared me to do was not how I wanted to spend the rest of my life.  For years I pretended to be happy but there was no denying that the bureaucratic, 9-to-5 corporate jungle was crushing my soul. What’s worse, my bank account was just as depleted as I was as I tried to fill my emotional void with meaningless “things.”

There were mornings when I’d fantasize about getting in a fender-bender just to avoid going into the office.  There were nights when I’d cry myself to sleep, unsure of how much longer I could keep up the ‘Happy Employee’ charade.

I finally decided that I needed to make a change and it was time to get my career figured out.  (After all, nothing was going to change unless I did.)


I realized that the smart thing to do was to ask for help. 


For me, the moment I hired my own high-level career coach and got support, everything shifted.

I went from being a corporate drone, jumping through hoops and eroding my health to creating a career (and life) of my own design.  Now I make my own schedule and earn a beautiful living doing work that absolutely lights me up.  I have the freedom to be there for my family when they need me and to wear whatever the hell I want to work!  I’ve created a life where I get paid to use my unique talents, work with clients I love and make a real difference in their lives. What’s more, I now have an income (and schedule) that allows me to go to the spa every week and travel to Paris in the springtime.



Creating a career that you love AND pays well isn’t an impossible dream.  You just need the support, the mindset and the right steps to make it happen.


So tell me, what would it mean to you to…

  • Wake up in the morning excited for the day ahead?
  • Come home feeling energized instead of depleted?
  • Be able to leave your boring 9-to-5?
  • Trade office politics and red-tape for real freedom and impact?
  • Have the flexibility to be there for friends & family when they need you?
  • Not live pay-check to pay-check?
  • Be able to make a real difference in the world?
  • Step into the next (best!) chapter of your life with absolute confidence and clarity?









(Pssst! Have you been thinking about being your own boss but not sure if you’re cut out to be an entrepreneur? This is for you!)






Whats included

Welcome Package

A 22-page questionnaire designed to assess the current state of affairs in your career and mindset.  This is your opportunity to get it all down on paper – the career frustrations, regrets, dreams and desires – so you can finally move forward with strength and clarity.

Career Assessment

A 3-hour, in-home career aptitude and personality assessment to reveal your make-or-break career elements.  It’s unlike any test you’ve ever taken and a crucial first step in making truly powerful career decisions.

90-Minute Skype Session

We’ll kick things off with a deep dive into your career assessment results and create a new mindset for success.  Nothing compares to the focus, energy and momentum that we’ll create together!



6 Course Modules

Over 180-pages of carefully curated digital content that provides step-by-step instruction and powerful exercises to guide your career makeover beautifully and strategically.  (This IS the career map you wished you’d always had.)

12 Private Calls with Heather

You’ll have 12 private 1-hour coaching calls with me over 4 months for personalized discussion, individual support and accountability.  This means that you’ll never fall into career overwhelm or confusion again because you’ll have your very own private success partner with you every step of the way.

Optional Laser Support

In between your regular coaching calls you’ll have the option for additional text or email support.  Want to celebrate a career breakthrough?  Need a fresh perspective? These quick interactions will keep you moving swiftly in the direction of your dreams.








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1 quick payment of $3,000 or 4 easy payments of $875 each

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Or book a call with me here

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The Incredible Career Makeover
Course details
Career Makeover Module Graphic
Month 1

  • Get clear on who you really are in terms of your personality, natural strengths, core values and desires so that you can stop wearing a mask, doing work that erodes your soul
  • Examine the Career & Money Rules you’ve been living by so you can finally stop self-sabotaging your own success
  • Discover why certain career conditions have always frustrated you (Hint: it’s not your fault) and how to create a future of your own design


Month 2

  • Identify your unique Career Sweet-Spot (A.K.A. where your success is inevitable – no matter what the economy is doing!)
  • Recognize the clues in your life that have always pointed to your zone of genius
  • Uncover the truth about your life’s purpose and come face-to-face with the impact you’re really meant to have
  • Employee, consultant or entrepreneur?  Don’t worry.  With your never level of self-awareness, the answer will be obvious


Month 3

  • How good do you really want life to get?  This is your chance to design a career you love and create the life you deserve!  Get ready to think big, dig deep and be bold. After all, you are meant to be amazing
  • Make the leap that most people neglect: shift from idle career contemplation to real commitment. Yes, it might seem scary at first and that’s why you’ll love my simple 3-step process to shift from dreaming to actually doing
  • Stop being overwhelmed by all the possibilities in life.  Now you’ll finally be able to laser in on the specific job, role, business and function that you’re meant for. Buckle up: this is the point when big shifts and surprising career opportunities begin to show up!


Month 4

  • Examine your past decision-making process and identify where it’s been letting you down. Why? So you can move forward with absolute clarity and confidence as a women who knows and trusts herself!  Say ‘goodbye’ to old doubts and fears and ‘hello’ to the powerful woman who’s been waiting to step forward
  • Learn how to strategically evaluate career opportunities (be it as an employee, consultant or entrepreneur) so that you’re never again distracted by unsuitable offers or waste time and money on something impractical
  • Become an opportunity magnet! Develop new contacts, reach out to power players and discover a world of hidden career opportunities
  • Create a custom-made roadmap for your career success today, tomorrow and years to come







Get Started

1 quick payment of $3,000 or 4 easy payments of $875 each

Buy Now

Or book a call with me here

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Juicy questions


How much time will I need to allocate to the program each week?

Clients typically spend 3-6 hours each week to work through the modules.  Some clients set aside this block of time on the weekends while others prefer to do a little each day.

Do I get hard-copy materials?

The Career Assessment is a hard-copy, pen-and-paper style package that will be mailed to you. The rest of the program materials are digital downloads so you can access them instantly from anywhere in the world and view them on any device.  Most clients chose to print theirs out.

When will my coaching calls happen?

Once you’ve completed your 90-Minute Skype Session, you’ll be able to schedule your regular coaching calls directly with Heather.  Together, you’ll identify a recurring time during weekday regular business hours that works for you both.   Clients typically use 3 sessions per month for each of the 4 months and we’ll always work around holidays. Sessions must be used within the 4-month period and do not carry over.

Because your career is possibly the most foundational aspect of your life and because career frustration negatively impacts every area of your life, Heather recommends adjusting your work schedule to accommodate your coaching calls during regular business hours.  It will be worth it.

I’m thinking about starting my own business but I’m still not sure if being an entrepreneur is right for me.  Will this program help?

Absolutely! In fact, many clients come to the program with this same concern. And because we go into such depth discovering who you are and what makes you tick, we’ll be able to evaluate this option from every possible angle.  By the end of the program you’ll know exactly what’s right for you, whether that’s a product or service-based business, and what size and style of business you’re ideally suited to.

Truth is, there is no single personality or talent profile that guarantees success as an entrepreneur. What does create success is having deep self-awareness of who you are and the strength to make career decisions to honor that.  So if you’re thinking about starting/ buying/ running your own business, rest assured that this program will equip you to make the most powerful decision possible.

Do you offer a guarantee?

As you can imagine, there are no guarantees when it comes to coaching programs like this but past clients rave about their experience – just read their testimonials! Remember, you are the one vital (and uncontrollable) element to the program’s success and, like most things in life, the quality of your commitment determines the quality of your results.  So if you are truly committed to creating a career you love – if you’re ready to dig deep, trust the process and take 100% responsibility for your results – your life and career can be transformed too!

Is there a discount available?

No. This is a premium coaching program. However, there is a monthly payment plan that puts the program within your reach – 4 monthly payments of $875.  For most clients, the cost of the program is just a fraction of their annual income.  Wouldn’t you be willing to invest one-month’s salary to change your career for a lifetime?

I’m interested but I’m still not sure if this program is right for me. Can we talk? 

Of course! I offer a complimentary 30-minute Discovery Session to women who are serious about being supported to create a career they love and the life they deserve. Go here to submit your request and book a time to for us to talk privately about this opportunity.


Get Started

1 quick payment of $3,000 or 4 easy payments of $875 each

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Or book a call with me here

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