Career Ninja Series Step 4: Your LinkedIn Makeover Made Easy

This week I am pleased to share a blog written for my Career Ninja Series by LinkedIn expert, Tang Choy. Tang shares with us 3 tips to create an engaging LinkedIn profile. Thank you Tang for your fabulous advice!


Responses from the Job Seeker Nation Study (Jobvite, 2014) suggest that 93% of recruiters are likely to look at a candidate’s social media profile. You’ve perfected your resume and cover letter, but are you passing the online screen test?

With over 313 million registered members worldwide, LinkedIn is a powerhouse of professionals looking to connect and stay up-to-date with industry trends. To craft an engaging LinkedIn profile and build your professional presence online, keep these 3 tips in mind:

1. Pinpoint Your Personal Brand

What do you want to be known for by your peers, clients and other industry professionals? Consider developing your personal brand around 3-4 traits that you possess that set you apart from the competition. Think: relevant experience, skills, qualifications, achievements, personality, or interest areas/niches. To help you brainstorm ideas for your personal brand, jot down 5-7 words or short phrases for each of the questions below:

  • What am I passionate about?
  • What do I do well, and enjoy doing in my field?
  • How am I often described by colleagues, family and friends?

2. Use Keywords

Write a LinkedIn profile that’s keyword-rich. Incorporate words and terms that are commonly used in your sector to make your profile more searchable. Remember to include both technical (i.e. industry-specific) and transferable skills (e.g. leadership, time management, problem solving). Stumped on the buzzwords that you can use? Glean keywords from:

  • Job Postings – Even if you don’t apply for the job, reviewing job descriptions from different organizations will help you identify core skill requirements for your area of interest.
  • Other LinkedIn Profiles – LinkedIn is a fantastic research platform! Look up professionals who are in a similar role as you to get a better idea of popular keywords that you can include in your own profile. Be strategic – identify and use keywords that are commonly entered for online searches.
  • National Work Classification Databases – Both Canada and the United States have online databases that describe and outline the main duties/responsibilities for different positions. Check out the links below:

National Occupational Classification (Canada) –

O*Net (USA) –

  • Professional Associations – Online and hard copy resources from professional associations are often keyword heavy.

3. Highlight Achievements

Leverage LinkedIn as your professional, digital marketing tool. Spotlight major projects or initiatives that you are or have been involved in, and describe your results. For instance, what positive impact did you have on the organization, your target audience and/or field? When possible, quantify your results by including numbers, percentages or dollar amounts to help your statements pop. This is extremely important if you’re in a numbers-driven field like sales, finance, business operations, etc.

According to LinkedIn, users with a complete or “All-Star” profile are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities through the social network. Implement the tips above when filling out the 7 requirements for a complete LinkedIn profile.

  1. Photo
  2. Target Industry and Location
  3. Current Position and Description
  4. Two Previous Positions
  5. Skills (3+)
  6. Education
  7. Minimum 50 Connections




Tang ChoyAbout Tang

Tang Choy | @tangchoy

Tang has provided career services at 4 Canadian post-secondary institutions, and is drawn to helping clients use social media for job search and networking. In her role as an Employability Support Counsellor at Ryerson University, she launched LinkedIn Profile Advising as a new one-to-one appointment service. Check out her LinkedIn profile at

Heather Petherick is a master success coach for high potential business leaders, having established her private coaching practice in 2007. Since then, she’s coached hundreds of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs from around the globe to overcome the mindset traps that keep them playing small so that they can realize their potential and create the impact they’re meant for. Her areas of speciality are: • Mindset • Confidence • Communication • Speed of Implementation Her clients include corporate rising stars at WestJet, Agrium, Suncor Energy, Manulife Bank, TD, Royal Bank of Canada, KMPG and PepsiCo International as well as big-thinking entrepreneurs from around the world. She has been featured as a career and success expert with Women Engineering The Future, The Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Living Magazine and Chatelaine magazine. Heather’s journey from growing up on a humble sheep farm on the prairies of western Canada to building a global coaching business have lent to her signature coaching style that combines both wit and humility, style and business savvy. She holds a Master’s degree in Management and lives in Lethbridge, Alberta with her husband and two children.

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