Career Ninja Series Step 2: Give Your Old Resume a Much-Needed Karate-Chop!

Once you’re clear on what the right career target is for you (tackled in last week’s post) then you need a resume & cover letter that can get you there.  This week I’m sharing with you a resume that I recently revamped for a client.

My client wanted to leverage her broad-based industry experience into a management position.  Unfortunately, her original resume was a dry document full of bullets that desperately needed a swift karate-chop! 

I turned her resume into this compelling document that clearly communicates her expertise and brand. A carefully crafted Areas of Expertise section indicates the range of what she can do and provides specific proof of her skills as a way to capture the reader’s attention.

Through our conversations, I was also able to uncover some pretty impressive career wins that she’d neglected to mention in the original resume. Adding these as Highlights and Achievements in the new version allowed her to be taken more seriously.

Remember: Your resume is no place to be humble.  Proud, yes.  Humble, no.

Here’s the final product, complete with a line-by-line dissection of why it works and tips for giving your own resume a much needed karate-chop!

Resume Ninja infographic

p.s. Next week I’ll share with you the smokin’ hot cover letter that accompanied this resume.  Sign up here so you don’t miss it: The No-Fail Cover Letter Recipe – 4 paragraphs that make your phone ring


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