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Does your heart sink Sunday night at the thought of another work week?

Do you feel off-track and off-purpose in your career?

Do you envy women who are earning a great income, have time for themselves AND love what they’re do for a living?

If you answered “yes” to these questions it means there’s a major breakdown in your career and it’s blocking you from the life you’re really meant for.

I know because I was in your shoes a few years ago…

I was a bright, hard working woman stuck in a job I hated.

I was depressed and angry, not knowing what else I could do in my career.

I was beating myself up, thinking I was the problem (too lazy, too disorganized, too-hard-to please).

But deep in my soul, I just knew there had to be more to life… I knew that a career with more freedom, meaning and fulfillment was possible. But I had no idea how to get there.

And then, something changed.

I Had My Career Breakthrough…

I finally discovered talents and passions that I’d never tapped into. Suddenly, my career held promise again. New opportunities starting to show up in my life. My relationships improved, because I wasn’t such a Debbie-Downer anymore.

Within weeks, I had a new plan for my career (and life!)

It was like my life opened up… and I’ve never looked back.

Fast forward to today: I have a career that fits me like a custom-made suit. I work in a way that brings out my best efforts (instead of squashing my soul), I’m respected and admired in my business community for my unique talents, every day I focus on the people and things that matter to me. AND I’m earning a fabulous income doing what I love.

I’m not just talking about creating a rocking resume and tapping into the hidden job market (although that never hurts a lady’s prospects). And I’m not talking about ditching your corporate job to sell Tupperware (hey, if that’s your dream gig, go for it!).

I’m talking about discovering who you are at a deep soul level so you can finally show up as YOU in your career and be rewarded for it… with more freedom, meaning, impact and – in some cases – more money.

How Would You Like to Live Life on Your Terms, Instead of Hoping Someone Will Hire You?

How Would You Like to Live Your Dream Career, Not Worry About Losing Your Day Job?

Taking control of my career was one of the biggest breakthroughs that helped me get to where I am today. For me (now) no matter what the economy does, I know exactly how (and where) I can earn a living using my natural skills, experience and personality. The result?

I’m grounded, excited and confident about my future! I know that my efforts will be met with success without ever risking overwhelm or burnout. And I never again have to stress about, “Is this the right job for me? Will I be good at it?”

It’s Not Just About Having A Job. It’s About Living Your Life.

As a veteran coach, I’ve been helping women just like you to navigate the murky waters of their career and get to the core of who they are for the past 9 years.

I have a Master’s Degree in Human Resource Management and I’ve been an employee in a big global business. I’ve quit jobs and I’ve aced interviews. I know what it’s like to be a woman in today’s business world and I know what it takes for you to create success on your terms.

Plus, I live exactly what I coach. I learned how to navigate my own ‘quarter-life career crisis’ at the age of 28, I lived through the 30-something meltdown of starting my own business while juggling marriage and motherhood, and continue to refine my career to leverage the best of who I am every day.


It’s Time To Discover Your Potential. It’s Time For Your Career Breakthrough.

I want every woman to feel as confident and empowered as I do when I’m working with clients, networking at business functions, or pursuing new career opportunities.

No more feeling inadequate, losing sleep wondering if you have “what it takes,” or trying to convince someone that you’re the right candidate for the job…

Getting your Career Breakthrough means you’ll have an unshakable confidence about who you are and how you’re meant to contribute to the world. It’s about claiming your worth, offering your gifts and doing what YOU came here to do.

This allows you to make career decisions from a place of strength and integrity – not just wishing and hoping things work out for you.

Introducing: Career Breakthrough

The 90-Day Program for women who are ready to create a career they love and the life they deserve!

I designed this program to walk you step-by-step through the same process I followed, and so many of my clients since, which is unlike anything you’ve seen from traditional career counsellors, recruiters or other online coaches.

Your Career Sweet Spot

Instead of clinical checklists and one-size-fits-all job search strategies, you’ll get personal coaching that goes to the core to laser in on your unique Career Sweet-Spot!

You Have The Power To Create Your Own Career Recipe

See what my past clients have to say about this material and the process I guide you through!










If any of these stories sound like you… AND

  • You are a well-educated women who feels like you’ve lost your spark
  • You know that your current career results are NOT a clear reflection of your true potential
  • You earned between $40-$80K last year and have an intense desire to grow and become the woman you’re meant to be
  • You’re ready to dig deep, take action and do whatever’s necessary to create a career you love and have the life you deserve!

Then the Career Breakthrough Program was created just for you!

Here’s What You’ll Get In The Program:





  • 6 LIVE group coaching calls so that you’ll get all the personalized attention and support you need to move your career forward
  • Ask me anything about the modules and get my guidance on your individual career questions
  • Replays of all 6 LIVE calls in case you can’t make a live call AND so you can re-listen anytime, from anywhere



  • 6 Gorgeous modules delivered as digital, fillable PDF workbooks so you can deep dive, build awareness and stay organized on the go
  • A revolutionary Career Breakthrough process, that been lovingly mapped out to include the essential exercises, inventories, checklists, resources and templates YOU NEED to evolve from overwhelmed to awesome in your career



  • A Private Facebook community of like-minded women that have your back and that you draw on for daily support, inspiration and conversation
  • Connect and share with your Career Breakthrough Sisters to develop deep relationships and know that you’re not alone (or wrong!) for wanting to create something else in your career



Two Tracks For You To Choose From…

Regular Track

  • Complete 90-Day program
  • 6 In-depth training modules
  • 6 Live group coaching calls
  • All call recordings
  • Exclusive Private Facebook community
  • Lifetime Access to all online materials

Career Assessment Track

  • Complete 90-Day program
  • 6 In-depth training modules
  • 6 Live group coaching calls
  • All call recordings
  • Exclusive Private Facebook community
  • Lifetime Access to all online materials


  • 3-Hour comprehensive Career Assessment completed in the privacy of your own home
  • Assessment Results that quantify your unique aptitudes and personality across 13 different make-or-break career dimensions
  • 1-Hour Private Telephone Session with Heather to review & discuss your unique assessment results
  • Absolute clarity and confidence that your career decisions will translate into success



Your Career Breakthrough BONUS Materials


Niya AllenWhen you enrol in the Career Breakthrough program you’ll also instantly receive The Complete Job Search Success Guide & Worksheets as an exclusive bonus from Resume & LinkedIn Expert, Niya Allen, NCRW, CCTC

Because, whether you decide to move up in your career or move on to something new, knowing how to market yourself is a critical skill.  And we’ve got you covered!  This exclusive bonus will help you:

Revamp your resume and write a rocking cover letter that finally communicates your worth

Transform your LinkedIn profile so you can stand out online

Boost your interview confidence with insider secrets from an experienced recruiter

AND Get personalized feedback on your resume from Niya during one of our LIVE group calls!

bonus materials

Bonus Value of $425

Yours FREE as part of your Career Breakthrough enrolment!

After This Program You’ll Have:

  • Absolute clarity around what the right direction is for YOU in your career today, tomorrow and for years to come!
  • Unshakable confidence in who you are and what you’re meant for so you never again stress over, “is this the right move?”
  • A clear understanding of your true desires and core values so that your career is a source of strength (not a gamble)
  • A rocking resume and ninja interview skills that magnetize your dream job to you …and/or
  • Your entrepreneurial blueprint that provides the financial freedom and personal fulfillment you’ve been dreaming about
  • Dream job/biz opportunities queuing up in your inbox and on your horizon that are in alignment with what you have to offer
  • Stronger personal relationships because you’ve rekindled the inner spark that naturally makes you irresistible
  • The tools and awareness to unhook from old fears, self-limiting beliefs and the #bullshitrules you’ve been labouring under
  • A deep sense of ease and purpose that comes from a woman saying YES! to herself and being rewarded for it in her career
  • A Community of like-minded women to support, guide and cheer you on as you celebrate you experience your career breakthrough!

Yes!  I’m ready for my Career Breakthrough!


Regular Track

1 quick payment of $997 (or 2 easy payments of $527 each)


Career Assessment Track

1 quick payment of $1,497 (or 2 easy payments of $777 each)



Why I’ve Made This So Affordable For You

Those of you who know me well are probably wondering why I would price this program so low.

I usually charge anywhere from $2K to $5K for my programs, and people happily pay, because they know I will help them change the trajectory of their career (and life) forever.

But occasionally someone will come to me and say, “I truly want to work with you but I’m struggling in my career and money is tight.”  (The exact details vary, but the idea is always the same.)

So, I’ve decided to help these incredible women in a fresh new way!  I’ve taken my elite 1:1 coaching program and made it available in a LIVE group program so that you can uplevel your career like never before.  And I’ve designed it in a way that allows you tap into the support of a whole community of women just like you.

I want to empower you to discover your strengths, step into what’s possible, and share your gifts with the world, and Career Breakthrough is going to make that possible for you.


This is YOUR time… Say YES to the career you love and the life you deserve!

Schedule a Time To Talk

HeatherI pride myself on having a high-touch, personal connection with all of my clients and I’m here to support you in making the right decision to move your career forward… whatever that decision is.

Wondering if

The Career Breakthrough Program

is right for you?


If you’ve read this far, you’re likely weighing whether or not to join the Career Breakthrough Program.

Before you decide, ask yourself…

What is it that you truly desire from your career?  And why have you denied yourself that experience thus far?

What would it be like to leap out of bed every morning with the joy and gratitude of knowing that you’re finally doing what you’re meant to do and working in the way that absolutely lights you up?

What if instead of feeling trapped, overwhelmed or undervalued in your job… you could know that you were using your talents, personality and passions to their fullest potential, while being in control of your career path?

And what if every professional and life experience you’ve had up until now – the good, the bad and the one’s you’d rather forget – has uniquely prepared you for this step?

You are ready.

This is your moment to step into the possibilities of your life and create a career that is a beautiful reflection of who you are and what you have to offer.

This is your moment to change the trajectory of your career forever and create success on your terms.

Much love,

Heather signature

P.S.  If you’re letting thoughts of “I can’t” or “This won’t work” or “I can do this on my own” to hold you back from saying yes to YOU… I want to ask you, is that really true?  Or are your current career frustrations a result of you already thinking that way for too long?

When you join the Career Breakthrough program you get access to a whole new way of thinking, seeing and being in your career that have been proven to transform a woman’s life.  Open the door to a career you love and the life you deserve.  Click the button and I’ll see you on the other side.

Ready to Get Started?

Regular Track

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Career Assessment Track

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Want even more deets? Here you go, Stylish Lady!

Orientation: Start Your Breakthrough In Style (December & January)

  • How to adopt the mindset of a Queen and stop being a slave girl in your career
  • A step-by-step clearing and decluttering process so you don’t fall into overwhelm in 2017
  • My top 3 Must-Reads for your biggest personal and professional evolution yet!

heather-255Module 1: Unhook From The Past (February)

  • How to stop making the career choice mistake that keeps women trapped, overwhelmed and unhappy at work
  • The one list that will help you unhook from those old beliefs, fears and mindset traps that you keep tripping over
  • How to identify your true desires and core values so work can finally light you up

Module 2: Getting To Your Core (February)

  • How to clarify (and quantify) your natural talents, personality and passions so you can tune your antennae to work that is fun AND rewarding!
  • Identify your unique Career Sweet-Spot, where your success is inevitable
  • Create your ideal career checklist and excavate the truth about your career non-negotiables so you don’t get distracted by initially-shiny (yet ultimately-frustrating) career opportunities

Module 3: Taking The Right Action (March)

  • The right way to do career research to uncover hidden opportunities and separate career fact from fiction
  • Use my signature Careers To Consider framework that prevents you from pursuing career dead ends and uncovers your dream job/biz in a snap
  • Get my Information Interview guide & template that makes career research and a breeze and positions you as a standout woman in the marketplace

Module 4: Career Breakthrough Mindset Mastery (March)

  • How to finally kick fear and self-doubt to the curb so you can move forward in your career/biz with ease and grace
  • Understand your automatic decision-making style and how it impacts your success
  • How to unhook from perfectionism and procrastination so you can become an unstoppable force of career ass-kickery

Module 5: Unleash Your True Brilliance  (April)

  • How to refresh your resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile to attract your ideal opportunities
  • Learn my secret networking strategy that will have career contacts phoning you
  • My easy-to-implement business blueprint that identifies how you can make an income using what you already know

Module 6: Your Career Breakthrough Capstone  (April)

  • Create your career/biz action plan that keeps you out of overwhelm and on track in 2017
  • How to handle the inevitable course corrections as you grow, expand and evolve that won’t sacrifice your health, relationships or spirit
  • My secret technique to quickly return to confidence and focus even when things aren’t going as planned in your career/biz


When does the program start?

January 3oth, 2017


What are the times for the LIVE group coaching calls?

We don’t have a set schedule yet, but even if you can’t make it to a live call, you’ll always have access to the recording so you can listen while you’re driving in your car or cooking dinner!

How long will the LIVE group coaching calls be?

Approximately 120 minutes (2hrs)


How will I access the LIVE group coaching calls?

You’ll call into a free conference line that my team will set up just for us!  You can access by phone or through your desktop/laptop.


Why is this a group program? Will I get enough individual attention?

This is a truly unique opportunity for you to experience my individual training and coaching AND enjoy the extra support and momentum of a community of like-minded women… all at a price that I’ve never offered before.  You’ll have plenty of opportunity to ask your individual questions during our LIVE calls and learn from how I respond to the other women in our group.


What if I’m not sure whether I want to continue in my current line of work or become my own boss.  Will this program help me?

Absolutely! In fact, many clients come to the program with this same concern. And because we go into such depth discovering who you are and what makes you tick, we’ll be able to evaluate the options from every possible angle.  By the end of the program you’ll know exactly what’s right for you, whether that’s being an employee or becoming your own boss.  Further, if you identify that you’re destined to be your own boss, you’ll have the opportunity to get laser focused on exactly what business is right for you!

Truth is, there is no single personality or talent profile that guarantees success as an entrepreneur. What does create success is having deep self-awareness of who you are and the strength to make career decisions to honour that.  So if you’re thinking about starting/ buying/ running your own business, rest assured that this program will equip you to make the most powerful decision possible.


Do you offer refunds?

There are no guarantees when it comes to coaching programs like this. Remember, you are the one vital (and uncontrollable) element to the program’s success and, like most things in life, the quality of your commitment determines the quality of your results.  So if you are truly committed to creating a career you love – if you’re ready to dig deep, trust the process and take 100% responsibility for your results – your life and career can be transformed too!


Guarantees? Am I guaranteed to land my dream job by the end of the program?

Career results aren’t something that can be guaranteed here.  Why?  Because every single one of us is different.  What results you get depend on your background, education, desires and commitment.  What I can say is that if you’re determined to get your career breakthrough, you keep a no excuses policy – this program is for you!  I firmly stand behind everything I will share with you in this program because I know that it is the foundation that builds the careers (and life) dreams are made of.  I’ll give you the recipe but you’ve got to bake the cake, lady!