Career Freedom Mentor 90-Day Program

Ready to become your own boss as a coach, consultant, advisor, therapist, teacher/trainer, freelancer or business owner? 

It’s time to stop stewing and time to start doing, Darling!


  • You’re sick and tired of trying to ‘fit in,’ climb the corporate ladder and get someone else’s permission to do what you know is right
  • You’re clear that you’re not happy in your career or existing business and it’s time for an evolution
  • You’ve had a twinkle of an idea about being your own boss but are paralyzed wondering, where do I begin? 


Darling, I understand!  Because, not long ago, I was exactly where you are…

Stuck in an office job, with a Masters degree, feeling like I was wasting my time. Fed up with feeling like having a family and wanting a life meant I wasn’t ‘high potential.’ Worried that there was something wrong with me for always getting “good jobs” but inevitably hating them.  Desperate to be my own boss but paralyzed by the sheer possibilities… and potential mistakes!

And, yet, I was determined to create my own freedom no matter what because every time I put my office lanyard on it felt like a noose around my neck.  I was pretending to be the happy worker bee – trying (and failing) at office politics – when in truth I was torn apart between being stuck at a meaningless desk job and that big dream of independence and impact that I had for myself.


Then I Discovered The Biggest Breakthrough Of All


After years of tip-toeing around my own entrepreneurial dreams and soaking up the wisdom of women business moguls like Oprah, Sara Blakely, and Beyoncé I began to see an interesting pattern emerge among successful women entrepreneurs.   I found was that the most successful women had all intentionally created a business that was tailored made for them.  And this made perfect sense!  Having been a corporate Recruiter, I knew the science behind leveraging a woman’s natural talents and personality to create  success as an employee… Of course it could be applied to creating her own business.

Creating a business around who (and how) you are is the biggest breakthrough of all!

The truth is, if you don’t absolutely LOVE what you do and the way you do it – you’ll never stick with it and weather the inevitable challenges. Eventually you’ll burn out, disengage and start looking for something else.  Isn’t your career already proof of that?

So I began to apply what I new about putting the right people in the right job to put myself in the right business.

I set to work on designing a business that honoured who I was (the good, the bad and the not so pretty) and my career took off almost immediately.  My confidence blossomed and my relationships improved because I wasn’t a total train wreck anymore.

I found a way to overcome my entrepreneurial insecurities, plot my own course and craft a business that fit me like a custom fit Chanel!


It was like the prison gates opened… and I never looked back. 


Fast-forward to today where I’ve:

  • owned and operated operated my own coaching business for 9 years – and have a hi-caliber team of 3 staff (4, if you count the dog)
  • grown my business income by at least 30% every year, far exceeding my old salary
  • taken centre stage to speak at 27 different women’s business and professional conferences to audiences as large at 480 people
  • created a life where I wake up when I want, can travel with my family AND keep my income flowing while I do what I love

And it’s all because I…

  • Acknowledged who I was and what my true desires were,
  • Stopped trying to fit into someone else’s job description and
  • Made it my non-negotiable to create a profitable business that was a true reflection of me.



Do what you love + Do it your way = Your Unshakable Success

Heather 4304

I want every woman to feel as confident and empowered as I do in my career.  I know that no matter what life throws at me, I’ve got this because I’m simply paid to be me.  It’s the ultimate job security!

No more feeling like I’m “wrong”, stressing out for hours over what my boss or colleagues think, trying to out-maneuver the next poor chimp on the corporate ladder…

Being your own boss is about being free, being inspired, and being able to serve the world (and your loved ones) in a way that only you can.

It means you can fully become your best self.


Introducing: Career Freedom Mentor

A Woman’s Guide to Designing Her Own Business
So You Can Live The Life of Freedom, Meaning and Success You’re Meant For

I designed this program to walk you step-by-step through the exact steps that I took to go from corporate slave to independent professional, and it’s unlike anything you’ll find in most career development or business building courses and it applies to any service-based business model (coach, consultant, advisor, therapist, teacher/trainer, freelancer, etceteras).

Instead of vague theory or sterile statistics, that ignore the whole reason you want to be your own boss in the first place (uh, freedom and meaning, anyone?), you’ll get worksheets, clear action steps, and a deep understanding of who you are as a business

This Will Help You:

  • Live a life of authenticity that magnetizes clients to work with you and inspires your friends and loved ones
  • Unleash your motivation and focus so you become unstoppable in the face of obstacles
  • Feel excited and confident about your life so that when people ask you “what are you going to do?” you have the most powerful answer
  • Take back your control over your destiny and move in the direction YOU want to go, instead of waiting for the ‘higher ups’ to notice you
  • Create the framework for a life where you’re the boss and there’s no glass ceiling
  • Step into the next, BEST! chapter of your life with grace and ease


Ready to Get Started?

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I want to empower you to take control of your destiny, share your gifts with the world, and earn a living in a way that absolutely lights you up and the Career Freedom Mentor program is going to make that possible for you.

But don’t take my word for it.  Here’s what past clients have to say…







When You Enrol in This Powerful 90-Day Program, You Get Access To…  

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Substantive Welcome Package

A digital deep dive that is designed to excavate the truth about your career frustrations, dreams and desires – so you can finally move forward with strength and clarity.

6 Modules of Career Freedom Content

Over 80 pages of carefully curated digital content that provides step-by-step instruction, exercises and personal inventories!

2 Live Group Coaching Calls per Month

This is where the magic happens.  Our 60-90 minute calls give you access to on-the-spot coaching, strategies, and inspiration that will transform the way you see yourself as a business.

Private Facebook Community

Share wins & challenges, receive support and build community with like-minded women in this safe place.

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Plus, You’ll Also Get this Unique Bonus… 

Orientation Module

Bonus Orientation Module


After nearly a decade of helping women to up-level their lives personally and professionally , I’ve learned that shifting from an employee- to an entrepreneurial-mindset requires focus.  To set you up for success I’ve designed a substantive orientation module to help you create space in your life for your business and to establish success habits that will serve you for years to come!


Total Program Value $4,497

Your Investment: 1 payment of $1,497   or  2 payments of x $797

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Whether you’ve been…

  • Working full-time at a job that sucks the life out of you while hoping and praying to win the lottery so you can quit your 9-to-5
  • Sitting on the sidelines watching all other women live the life YOU want – starting their own business, making their own schedule, supporting their family and traveling to luxurious places around the world – all while you’ve been wondering how the “F” you can ever make those things happen for you.


…With my Career Freedom Mentor program I’m here to help you design your own life and tap into your #BossLady potential


Just imagine:

  • Waking up without an alarm and leaping out of bed with utter joy and gratitude for this amazing life you’ve created
  • Feeling pride in owning your destiny, having the freedom to travel and doing the work you absolutely adore
  • Being financially free to do fun things, and spend time with the people you love as much as you want
  • Becoming the envy of your friends as you chuck your boring old job and build your own thriving business
  • Being able to financially support yourself and your family, helping them making their dreams possible too
  • Using your unique talents and personality to create your legacy and leave your signature mark on this world


This is your opportunity to finally take control, move forward and create the foundation for a business that will serve you for years to come!

BUT what happens if you don’t seize it?  Chances are, you’ll continue to struggle…


  • damaging your health and relationships (and professional reputation) as you grow more and more disengaged in your work
  • working too hard for someone else’s success
  • wondering “what if” and envying the freedom and flexibility you see other women enjoy
  • denying the world your unique gifts and contribution – never building your own legacy
  • spinning in circles, searching for the specific steps and personal confidence to make your dreams come true


I’ve got a much better plan for you…


Career Freedom Mentor

A Woman’s Guide to Designing Her Own Business
So You Can Live The Life of Freedom, Meaning and Success You’re Meant For

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P.S. My NEW Career Freedom Mentor is a 90-Day program designed exclusively for the experienced professional woman who is ready to be her own boss as a coach, consultant, advisor, therapist, teacher/trainer, freelancer or business owner where doing what you love, making good money and having time for your family, health and fun is your #newnormal.

1 Payment $1497

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2 Payments $797

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