My Cool Trick for Creating Commitment


These last 3 weeks I’ve been sharing with you the ways that I prepare myself for what I desire, with the intention that it supports you in doing the same in 2016.

It’s a powerful process that includes

  • clearly visualizing what I want,
  • making room for the new by clearing out the old, and finally
  • creating a rock solid commitment by taking the first step!

Whether you want to quit your corporate job, start your own business, or get off the sidelines and go back to work after having kids – taking the first step can be the hardest part!

Until we do, we’re stuck wishing and hoping.

Here’s my cool “Jedi mind trick” that I use to shift myself from wishing and hoping to making a rock solid commitment.

Nothing makes my commitment level spike like a purchase.  Maybe you’re the same?  Besides loving to shop, I hate wasting money so when I want to truly commit to something I’ll often purchase the first step toward my dream.

For example,

  • Buying a plane ticket or making a hotel reservation – even if I don’t have the money for the entire trip yet.
  • Purchasing a new outfit to wear at a speaking engagement – before I’ve been booked by event organizers.
  • Selecting a beautiful new welcome gift for a client – even though they haven’t shown up in my business yet.

Investing in your dreams, however small at first, creates commitment and signals to the world (and yourself) that you’re serious.  Plus, it moves you one step closer in the direction of your dreams!

I’ve found that when you’re fully committed (with your head, heart, and wallet) the additional resources, energy and opportunities you need will start to show up.

So what are you waiting for?  Think about one thing you could invest in right now that would move you towards your dream.  Then go out (or online) and get it.

I would love to hear about your purchase. Leave a comment below and I will personally respond to you.


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