Do You Know Susan?

I met her yesterday.

Susan called me inquiring about us working together. She told me she’s seen my website a year ago and had finally decided to act.

Susan explained to me that, after 20 years in the same line of work, she was ready for a career change. Due to a combination of events – some of her doing and some of her employer’s – she found herself at the midpoint of her working life feeling completely lost and directionless.

While she’d accomplished everything she’d wanted to in her early line of work, it meant that she was now bored and searching for her next inspiration. But what? Susan was tired of listening to other people’s advice – advice about what to do or not to do, instead of listening to her own wisdom.

frustrated woman

I listened to her explain that she figured she had 20-some years left for her career and she wanted it to be as rewarding (if not more so!) than the first half. But she also didn’t want to mess around. Capable, experienced and savvy as she was, Susan knew that she could easily waste then next year trying to figure things out on her own. So she remembered seeing my website, found it again at 3am one night and watched all of my YouTube videos.

Susan called me the next morning and said, “I know you can help me. How can we work together?”


After a brief conversation we agreed that The Incredible Career Makeover program was the perfect fit.

Now, Susan’s getting the rest of her career figured out! And she has a trusted advisor (Read: me) to help her every step of the way. Simply. Strategically. Finally.

Susan is a great example of the type of brilliant women that come to coaching with me. Though their circumstances and experiences may differ, they are all searching for the clarity, confidence and support to reach their full potential. If you look around – I’m sure you’ll be able to spot a few “Susans” in your circle of friends.

When you do, please share this post with them. Let them know that I’m here to help.


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