Do You Need To Fill Your Bucket?

fill your bucketBe honest.  Have you been feeling a little low?  

You’re not the only one.  A lot of people I’ve talked to lately tell me that this fall has been especially hectic for them.  And I can’t argue.  Normally I use my evenings as a time to recharge, be with my kids, and simply b-r-e-a-t-h-e.  But this fall, our weeknights have been all booked up: hockey practice, Brownie meetings, guitar lessons, drama club… you name it!

Good news: my kids are getting tons of enrichment.

Bad news: I’m not.

This fall I’ve already missed half of my beloved meditation classes due to conflicting obligations (I rely on these classes to help me shed stress and stay fresh).  I’ve let my own fitness priorities fall (unless you count lifting the remote).  And that exciting conference I was going to attend?  I put it off in favor of buying a new desktop (Goodbye PC; Hello Mac).

It’s really not surprising then, that I feel like I’ve lost my fizz…  like a can of Pepsi that’s been left out too long.

Each human being can be thought of as a container of physical and emotional energy.  Our bucket needs to be filled regularly with love, rest and attention to offset the drains of daily life.  If levels get too low in your bucket, you’ll start to feel overdrawn; frustrations rise and you have little to give to others.

We all need to fill our bucket from time to time.

You can find new inspiration, ideas & energy from a variety of sources:

  • Mental & intellectual enrichment: new training or certification, networking activities, reading, documentaries, TED talks, etc.
  • Physical enrichment: vacation, exercise, adventure, or even a new routine!
  • Emotional enrichment: meditation, volunteering, time with friends & loved ones.

Taking the time to refill your bucket sparks new ideas, provides new perspectives, and enlivens our approach to our daily tasks and life in general.

So how I am going to refill my bucket? For starters, I’m going to get back on track with my workouts.  Then, I’m going to secure a sitter so I don’t miss any more meditation classes.

How about you? If you are feeling like your bucket is running a little low, I encourage you to make a list of activities that enliven and refresh you. Then commit to doing one of those items today. It doesn’t have to take a lot of time but I guarantee you’ll feel better for it.


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