Why I don’t want anything this Valentine’s Day (and you shouldn’t either)!

Did you know that Valentine’s Day is the 2nd highest grossing holiday of the year, next to Christmas, and that the average person will spend more than $140 on gifts this month? (Source: Fundivo.com)

That’s a whole lot of chocolate and roses!

And I’ve got a problem with that.

Happy Woman with Heart

Why? Because the whole Valentine’s Day thing sets us up for disappointment.

It puts our happiness in the hands of someone else.

What happens when you don’t get what you want or [gasp!] what if your sweetie forgets to buy you something?

I’m not saying romance is bad – not at all!  What I am saying is that a woman should love herself first rather than wait for validation from others.  So, instead of waiting for your Valentine make you feel loved this month, why not give yourself the love that you deserve today?

Consider giving yourself:

You see, there’s a beautiful thing that happens when a woman values herself.  She takes care of herself, gets the rest & replenishment she needs, and she makes strong requests of those she loves.  And as a result, everyone in her life is elevated!  Her mind is sharp, her energy is clean and her heart is generous.

So this Valentine’s Day, don’t just wait for someone else to mirror your value with gestures of chocolate or flowers.  Reclaim your ability to love yourself today.  Do what makes you feel cherished and you’ll find that the world will treat you the same way.


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