Drop The Drama

[Rant Alert!]

My biggest pet peeve of all time?  Women (and men) who are all about drama, complaining and being negative!  It serves no one and, what’s worse, it distracts you from getting on with your life.   

Here’s the thing: we ALL face disappointments, challenges and setbacks.  And we ALL have the same choice.   We can either complain and commiserate about our situation or we can face it head on.  (Frankly, I’d rather use my time and energy on finding a solution then in creating a reputation as a Debbie Downer.)

Do you keep getting the same frustrating results in life?  Then it’s time to take a good, hard look in the mirror.  How are you contributing to the problem?  

Perhaps you’ve been ignoring the issue and hoping it would go away.  Or maybe you keep pointing fingers, hoping someone else will rescue you from your problems.  (Truth is: they won’t.)   Your challenges are there to teach you something – be it how to stand up for yourself, communicate clearly or grow in your capacity.  So sit up, take notice and learn the lessons you need to.

The sooner you do, the sooner you can quit complaining and the sooner you’ll have more friends.  Because no one likes a Debbie Downer… unless, of course, you are one (like attracts like, remember?).   This might sound like a bit of tough love and that’s precisely what’s it’s meant to be.

I’m not suggesting that we glaze over our problems and put on a happy face.  I’m not saying that life is all butterflies and unicorns.  Life can be tough. Bad stuff happens to good people.   What I am suggesting is that we stop wasting our time complaining and start using it to create solutions.  In other words, drop the drama.

Final Note: Having a positive outlook is NOT a sign of naiveté.  It actually takes a great deal of mental discipline to face your challenges and persist when the outcome looks bleak.  Whereas complaining, spreading negativity and pointing fingers is the way many people hide from their responsibilities.

Own it and get over it.



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