Make a Fabulous Career Your Reality

Create a Fabulous Career in 2015!

Simple ways to develop clarity and create the fabulous career you’re meant to have this year

crappy-job-womanThis image is funny, but if you’re reading this, you know there’s really nothing amusing about a crappy job.  Whether you experience it as overwhelming, unrewarding or full-on life sucking, there is nothing funny about feeling like you’re wasting your talents.

I have certainly been there.  I lived in career hell – hovering between low-level angst and full-blown misery for the first decade of my career.  Sure, from the outside it looked like I was doing some pretty cool things, but wow, did I hate it!

That’s the dangerous thing about the wrong career – it may pay your bills but it also eats away at your confidence.  Linger there long enough and eventually it feels like you’re the problem… a disappointing complainer that’ll never be successful.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Over a few short years I have completely transformed my own career (and life) and what I’ve learned is just as true for you as it is for me:

Lesson: Each of us is meant to have a fabulous career but unless we clearly define what that is for ourselves – we’ll never achieve it.

The New Year is the perfect time to develop clarity and make a fabulous career your reality. No matter what your current situation, whether you’re in the corporate sector aching for more freedom, a mom wanting to get into the game, or an early-career woman who’s started off on the wrong path – your ideal career is closer than you think!

IT IS POSSIBLE.  In fact, simply because you are reading this, it is already happening.   Your desire to have a fabulous career is calling you forward.

Will you answer that call?

If you’re ready to finally create the career you want – the one you know deep down you were born to have, despite any wrong turns or sidetracks you may have taken – join me Wednesday, January 21st at 12pm MT for a no-cost teleclass on how to move into your fabulous future, once and for all, hello! and amen.

I mean, is there any better way to start the New Year??

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You’re going to discover…

  • The Simple (but easy-to-fix) Mistake You’re Making Right Now that’s keeping you Stuck in Career HellMoet & Chandon Imperial
  • The Top 3 Myths that Lead Us Off Track In Our Career (and how to avoid them)
  • The 3 Critical ‘Must-Knows’ that automatically reveal The Career You Were Meant to Have (Never again wondering, What should I do with my life?)
  • My Quick & Easy (yet freakishly powerful) Exercise that will Catapult your Career Success Today

Everyone who attends the call will have their chance to win a bottle of Moët & Chandon Champagne to help them celebrate moving forward in their career with style!

Join me January 21st


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About Heather

HeatherHeather Petherick is a career & performance coach for talented and dynamic women.  Despite being a super nerd throughout school, she landed in white-collar career hell right out of University. It was a shocking wake up call to the realities of working in a job that devalued her natural abilities. Refusing to settle for a lifetime of well-paid misery, she ditched her crappy job and vowed to find a way to unify her work and self. Along the way she discovered a unique coaching process that she now shares with clients.

Since 2007 Heather has been using humour, courage, and the unvarnished truth to help clients create fabulous careers and achieve the success they’re meant for.

Heather lives in Lethbridge, Alberta, with her husband and two children.

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