Finding the right career is so much more than your resume

Last week I had a conversation with a new client that really got me thinking.

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This lovely woman told me about how she’s been looking for a career coach for a while, but that everyone she found online felt really “clinical” to her. They seemed more interested in rewriting her resume and critiquing her job search skills than actually helping her figure out what to do with her career. She was getting frustrated and disappointed.

You see, finding the right career is so much more than a resume, cover letter, and a job search strategy. It requires getting to the core of who you are as a person. What inspires you? What suits your personality and natural talents?

You’ve got to go deep to figure out those career issues otherwise you’re likely to just keep job-hopping and experiencing career frustration.

Lately, have you felt:

  • Sick of the 9-5 workday and want to be doing something where you can set your own hours?
  • Trapped in a rigid work environment with lots of rules, when you’d rather be in a relaxed position where your fresh ideas are valued?
  • Unhappy because you got into your profession to help people, but now feel like what you do has little impact?

If so, you might be looking for help.  But be warned: there are a lot of career coaches out there whose services are very clinical, they’ll spruce up your resume and offer some job search tips.  There are recruiters whose goal is to sell you on the next job opening and Universities that just want you to enrol in another degree program.

Sure, they’ll help you get a job – but not necessarily the right one for you.

It’s a lot like treating a broken arm with a band-aid.  The problem goes way deeper.

The truth is that career success requires self-awareness. What do you love? What comes easily for you? What crushes your soul? And, more importantly, how do all of these things combine to make up the unique human being that you are? This type of awareness takes time, collaboration and a deep mutual trust.  It is anything but clinical.

When you are empowered with this level of insight, it becomes way easier to create opportunities that suit.  In fact, it’s only when you have this level of self-awareness that you discover what you’re truly meant to do in your career.


And that’s what I’m here to do: to support you in creating a career you love and having the life you deserve!


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