Give Yourself More Credit! Here’s how…


Are you frustrated that you haven’t achieved your dreams… yet?

Do you assume that because you’re not making huge leaps forward that you’re doing something wrong? Does it make you want to give up?

Give yourself more credit!

The truth is, success rarely comes in a single big rush (lottery winners not withstanding). More often, it builds incrementally over time and almost imperceptibly at first.

Even the tiniest wins each day will add up to big progress over time.

For example, here are some tiny things you could do this week toward a healthier, more joyful life:

  • Drink one more glass of water
  • Make one phone call to schedule a health exam
  • Do one Google search for help on a topic that’s been troubling you
  • Notice one thing that brings you joy
  • Clear out one old item that’s been cluttering up your space

And remember: any progress IS progress.  The secret is to give yourself more credit for those little daily or weekly efforts and keep going.

To help, I’m sharing a simple journaling exercise (below: My Daily Review) that you can use to take credit for the subtle, yet significant, things you’re doing each day to move closer toward your dreams.


My Daily Review: A Journaling Exercise


  1. Write out a brief description of what you’re trying to achieve and label it, “My Big Dream”.  It could involve your career, biz, health… anything!
  2. Spend a few minutes each day completing your ‘daily review’ where you list:
    1. 5 Successes: Size is irrelevant here. What’s important is that you notice and take credit for your daily wins. It could be something as small as remembering to buy milk on the way home, or as big as getting a raise or earning a new client.
    2. 3 Things you’re grateful for.
    3. 3 Actions you took today towards achieving your Big Dream: again, size doesn’t matter. It could be as small as doing this journaling, or as a big as hiring your first Assistant.
    4. 3 Actions you took today towards your happiness.
    5. Score your own happiness level for that day (1-10).

Continue this process for a week, and you’ll be amazed at the improvement you’ll experience in your own attitude, confidence and focus!


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