The Guide to Getting the Career You Want, Part 1

Audiences frequently ask me, “If you had to boil it all down into 3 simple things, how do you really create a career that you love?”

To wade through the complexity and answer that question, I’ve created a 3-part video series.

Here is Part 1 – where I reveal the first of three things you must master to create a career you love and have the life you deserve!

Guide to Getting The Career You Want [Part 1]

As intelligent and adaptable women, we can fit into a variety of roles and expect to earn a good income. But there has to be some reward beyond the money – otherwise we’ll inevitably end up bored and disengaged.

So what’s the motivating factor that fires you up? There are typically 4 main career styles (or motivators) that drive women’s careers.

Watch this video or take this 90-second quiz to find yours!


4 Responses to “The Guide to Getting the Career You Want, Part 1

  • Christine Savoy
    2 years ago

    This is fantastic!!! I so enjoy listening to these webinars. Keep them coming!!

    Do you have any online courses that you have developed?

    Christine Savoy from Camrose Alberta

    • Thanks Christine, I appreciate the love! Funny you should ask, my team and I ARE planning to launch our first online coaching program in 2016 and we’ve got some exciting things planned for you! Stay tuned for those exciting details. <3

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