A Guide to Starting 2016 Strong

Every year millions of people set intentions to make the New Year the year that everything changes.  They decide that this is the time to reach those career, fitness, and personal development goals.  Yet every year most of those same people aren’t achieving those well-intentioned goals.  So what is the key to making real and lasting change in your life?  Here’s my Guide to Starting 2016 Strong.

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1. Focus Your Efforts

Raise your hand if you’ve ever decided “enough is enough” and set out to change your life, big time, only to abandon your good intentions when it becomes overwhelming.  One of the challenges this time of year is the tendency to want to change too many things at once.  We set unrealistic goals, setting ourselves up for failure.  Then we feel disappointed when it doesn’t work out.

This year avoid this mistake by concentrating your efforts.  Identify no more than 2 things that you want to shift in 2016.  For example, rather than trying to get into the best shape of your life, start small by drinking more water and going for a walk over your lunch break this week.

Remember:  small wins build momentum and confidence, big failures keep you stuck.

2. Get Support

Whatever your New Year’s resolution, likely the main reason you didn’t succeed is because you’ve been trying to do it alone.  The truth is that the most successful people in the world are surrounded by support.  They get help and stay out of overwhelm, and so can you.

Identify what time, resources or emotional support you need to achieve your goals, and then get it.

3. Adjust As Necessary

Whenever you embark on a new challenge or set your sights on a new goal, there will be obstacles that arise.  When they do, don’t let it derail you.  Instead of wondering, “Can I really do this?” reframe the challenge as, “How can I do this?”  This simple mindset shift is guaranteed to reveal new ideas, resources and solutions that were previously hidden from your view.

Remember:  everyone who has ever changed their life, began by taking the first step.  You don’t need to overhaul your life in a day.  Just commit to small changes, and watch your progress grow.


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