Handle-bar Moustaches & Career Bliss

Careers often start out like marriages.  It begins with our search for a life (or career) partner, we court (or interview) prospective candidates, and if things look promising there’s a commitment struck between the two parties.

Unfortunately, people often create fantasies around the person (or company) they are attracted to.  This is all part of a human tendency to romanticize the world – something that usually ends badly when each sees the other for who they really are.

The human tendency towards fantasy partners that helps explain the 40% divorce rate for marriages in Canada also goes a long way toward telling us why we so often fail to find career happiness.

When people are looking for a job, their first impulse is to scan their environment for what’s “attractive” and “available.”  A company’s slick career page or a glamorous sounding job posting may woo them, and then they pitch themselves to fit the role.  They recreate themselves (or their resume) to another’s specifications.

A much smarter strategy is to get clear, FIRST on who you are and what suits you.  Specifically, what your natural talents & personality are, and what’s meaningful work to you (I refer to this as your Career Sweet-Spot).

Only when you’re clear on what you stand for can you ever hope to find real happiness. 

Otherwise, you’ll be tempted to accept the first pretty package that comes your way (career or marital).

It reminds me of an old country & western song by Aaron Tippin, entitled, You’ve Got to Stand For Something. This country crooner’s message is as timeless as his handle-bar moustache: if you don’t know who you are (and what you want) you’ll fall for anything.

So if you feel like the honeymoon is over at work  -or-  if you suspect that you’ve made a career mistake, don’t despair. You can still find career happiness by taking a stand for who you really are.

The Incredible Career Makeover program is designed to help you do just that.

Of course, if you’re short on time you can also refer to this groovy flowchart I created. Either way, I wish you much career happiness!


career happiness flowchart



Here’s to handle-bar moustaches!







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