How to get Happy. Right Now.

One of my favorite songs is Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow.

The chorus offers a life imperative in that, “It not’s having what you want; It’s wanting what you’ve got.”

I love this message.

Let’s face it; we want a lot of things. We want to be thinner, taller, younger, richer, and smarter. We spend a lot of our time focused on what we lack, or dreaming about what will make us happy.  And in the meantime, we close our eyes to all that we have – and are – right now.

Do we even know what we’ve got?

Sometimes we actually get what we want. And for a moment we’re happy. Our ‘wanting’ subsides for a little bit. But inevitably the shine wears off and we realize that we’re still the same old person, with the same old habits or hang-ups.

The uncomfortable truth is that our possessions don’t have the power to define us. They don’t have the power to transform or improve us. Not really. We can’t transcend who we are by buying or doing more stuff. Sadly, it’s precisely the opposite thinking that has created much of the financial crisis that is now gripping the western world.

But even when you see the illusion for what it is – it’s hard to stop playing the game (just ask my Visa).

It takes courage to stand apart from our ego and embrace who we really are – underneath our title, possessions, associations, and pretty clothes. It takes real courage to realize that you are *already* complete; that you are *already* enough. Because, when you do, you also have to stop waiting. You have to give up on your excuses and your perfectly rational reasons for avoiding and hiding out.

Then you have to start living.

I’m trying hard to remember this every day; to be grateful for the things that I have and to appreciate the unique ways that I am. I try to avoid comparing myself to other people (a losing game, for sure). And the more that I do, the more I realize this Christmas that Sheryl’s right: I’ve already got what I want.

Happy Holidays!




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