It’s Time to Celebrate You!

As we head into the Easter weekend, I’m in celebration mode for a few reasons…

First, it’s always a relief to welcome spring to the northern hemisphere – a time of incredible renewal and rebirth and, second, the women of my family will be gathering to enjoy one of my most favourite Easter traditions, High Tea.

Keep calm and enjoy high teahigh tea








I love High Tea for two reasons.

First, like the 7th Duchess of Bedford that is said to have sparked the tradition in the early nineteenth century, I too suffer from a gnawing hunger anytime meals are more than 3 hours apart.  An upscale reason to snack in the middle of the afternoon? Yes, please!

Second, it’s a beautiful ritual that celebrates the classic feminine.  From the fancy teacups and sweet pastries to chic dress and sparkling conversation.

But I didn’t always celebrate such feminine things. It wasn’t until the birth of my daughter that I fully embraced being the woman I am.

Being a mother to a little girl, I want to give my daughter the lesson of self-love and acceptance.

But you cannot give what you have not received.

So I had to learn to love and celebrate myself if I ever hoped to teach my daughter to do the same.

(Here she is at our favorite place: The Jasmine Tea Room)

enjoying high tea

My daughter is now 9 years old and I’m proud to say that she is more fabulous at her age than I’ve ever been.  She inspires me to take my own self-care more seriously, to wear skirts more often and to ask for what I need without apology.

As you give love and acceptance to yourself you give those around you permission to do the same. 

So I ask that you write down what you’re celebrating about yourself as you head into the Easter weekend.

Maybe you’re celebrating a deeper appreciation for your health, your friendships or maybe the beginning of a career change.

Whatever it is, focus on celebrating – not berating yourself.  Remember it’s not so much about what you’ve accomplished as it’s about celebrating you being true to you!





2 Responses to “It’s Time to Celebrate You!

  • Cheryl Meheden
    3 years ago

    This is so true! I think that as women we have to be reminded to acknowledge and celebrate ourselves. Too often I hear successful ladies attribute their greatness to luck, which I believe plays a very small part in achievements, and is much farther down the list than tenacity, hard work, commitment, and effort. Let’s not be afraid to say we work hard and we deserve our successes.

    • Agreed, Cheryl! “Luck” minimizes our efforts and keeps us playing small. Cheers to celebrating how you (and all of us) are awesome this weekend. <3

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