Keeping it real…

Do you ever watch videos on social media and think, “Look at what she’s doing! I could never do that.”

Don’t kid yourself!

Despite what you think you see on Facebook Live, Instagram or YouTube… any woman who’s really going for it in her career or business is going to face some challenges.  The truth is: it’s not always easy AND you’re more than capable.

Case in point, last week I was in Paris masterminding with my own coach and networking with stylish colleagues from around the globe… and, yes, I also made time for wine, shopping and sightseeing… But before you think it was all glamour, ease and Parisian elegance, you should also know this:

  • There were some legitimate concerns for my personal safety
  • My kids and husband were left to navigate the first week back to school without me, and
  • I didn’t have all the money for my trip sitting in the bank

And yet, despite these fears and challenges, I went anyway.


Because any time a woman decides to really go for it in her life, it’s a double blessing. 

She is blessed by becoming more of who she’s meant to be and so is everyone else!  For example,

  • My husband was able to support me and deepen his role as an active parent
  • My children were able to develop new and appropriate levels of self-reliance
  • My clients receive the benefit of working with a coach who has new inspiration and strength.

So no matter what level you’re at in life – whether you’re just starting out or you’re striving to reach multiple 6-figures – realize that there will always be excuses to sit it out.

My advice?

Take the trip. Buy the shoes. Post the video.

In doing so, you become the woman you’re meant to be and we all benefit from your brilliance.


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