Meet my 200 new stylish friends!

Last week I talked about getting a fresh perspective by breaking your usual routine with travel or a change of scenery during your workday.

This week I want to share another way you can find inspiration – by finding like-minded women to work with.

I’m in Los Angeles right now as part of a year-long coaching program and I am thrilled to be in a room with over 200 women from 28 different countries. They’re smart, savvy, inspiring, successful women all there for the same purpose – to grow their lives (and biz) to the next level.

LA collage

There are over 200 high-calibre women in attendance from all over the globe.  It’s amazing! It’s as though these women are long lost friends and we’ve only just met. I think it’s like that when you find the right people – YOUR people – wouldn’t you agree?

There’s an immediate sense of support and community.  And what’s even more transformative is tapping into a shared momentum that inspires everyone to think bigger, see clearer, grow stronger and achieve more.

It’s a breathtaking experience.


So if you are looking to get to that next level with your career or business I highly recommend you find a group of women with similar goals.  It’s never been easier (thanks to technology and the ease of travel) to find a tribe of like-minded women that are really going for it.


  • A high quality group coaching program
  • A virtual mastermind using Skype, Google Hangouts or a free online technology,
  • An international retreat
  • Or curating a group of your own design!

I believe every woman deserves to have the support of a high-calibre, loving sisterhood where you’re safe to share your desires and challenges without judgement and where you’ll accelerate your success.

The Academy

So as I get back to learning, sharing and growing with these amazing women, I hope I’ve motivated you to reach out and find your tribe. You never know what new inspiration and exciting connections you’ll make!


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