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Hey Sweet Lady,

You’re smart, well educated and hard working.Heather-1150

So why does it seem so hard to have the kind of success you’ve been dreaming about?
Truth is, when you look at your life it’s not how you imagined it to be. Sure you have lots to be proud of: a good job, a nice home, a strong partner and family that supports you.

You have every reason to
be happy…

But you’re not.

You’re haunted by a sense that it’s just not good enough.  What’s worse, are those moments in life when you do start to feel good about all you’ve accomplished (the new promotion, that exciting 2 week vacation, losing those stubborn 5 lbs) only last for a short while and then BAM! you’re back to noticing what’s not right in your life.

You’re beginning to wonder what’s wrong with you.

You hear yourself complaining and criticizing your family more than you’d like to admit.  You see the pain and disappointment on your partner’s face as they quietly wonder, “Will she ever be happy?”

You’re worried…

  • That this is as good as it gets
  • About ruining your marriage if this continues
  • That your kids will grow up with a nagging, unhappy mother
  • About your health declining if this stress keeps up
  • That your dreams will always be just dreams

…and realize that eventually something’s gotta give.

There’s just not enough time to do more.

You’ve go to learn to do differently.


It’s Time To Master Your Mindset!

Mindset Mastery Program

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Imagine your life when you:

  • Finally end the constant comparison-making and self-defeating thoughts that you battle every day so that the REAL you can finally show up
  • Get out of career overwhelm and access daily ease and joy without giving up your ambition
  • Embrace your true brilliance and desires (aka stop fighting with yourself) so that you can finally move forward and achieve success with less effort 
  • Unhook from praise and criticism and, instead, become fuelled by your own inner wisdom and unshakable confidence
  • Remove all of the ridiculous energy drains in your life (like things that don’t work, people that drag you down and all the ‘shoulds’ that people hold over your head) so you can focus on what really matters
  • Up-level your own self-care so that you stop living like a frantic slave-girl (putting up with self-denial and overwhelm) and start living like the queen you’re meant to be (calm, powerful and radiant)
  • Drop the drama, guilt and self-blame you feel for thinking you’re wrong (too picky, scatter-brained, hard-to-please, ambitious or whatever you tell yourself!) and finally make peace with who you are
  • Learn to stand in your power so that you can begin to communicate your needs clearly and get your needs met fully without feeling like a diva
  • Feel so fuelled up, loved and accepted that your true self shines and your loved ones experience the beautiful, generous woman that you’ve always been

 -No amount of effort, money or luck can (2)

This program is for you if you are:

  • savvy 30-something woman with a lot going on (read: marriage + mortgage + kids + career)
  • Loved and supported by your family (they know that if you’re happy they’ll benefit too!)
  • Tired of living in a cycle of doing, draining, stalling and regrouping and never really getting anywhere
  • Ready to release your own self-doubt and people-pleasing tendencies and start living the life you’re meant to
  • Done with living in crisis mode, denying your own needs, chasing shiny objects, and reacting to life’s events instead of creating the life of your dreams
  • Committed to healing the relationship you have with yourself so that you can give your best to others
  • Ready to be the Heroine of your own life and stop of waiting for someone (or something) to rescue you from your problems
  • Willing to dig deep to shift gears, increase your power, drop the drama, and finally master your mindset!

Mindset Mastery Program

Pay in full $3,997

Early Bird Pay in Full $2,997 or 3 payments of $1,200

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What Clients Are Saying:


Jackie HarrayHeather is a one of a kind, incredibly supportive woman who has this uncanny, quirky way of connecting with and supporting you while, at the same time, giving you a swift kick in the pants with some reality and accountability. I came to Heather struggling to find my path and feeling unfulfilled. She saw right through my insecurities directly to my potential. Zero judgement. All possibility. Heather’s knowledge, sense of humour and direct approach somehow catapulted me into this limitless space of potential. Our time together brought me clarity, certainty and a passion & fulfillment in life and in my career. Anyone unsure of their direction or feeling unfulfilled – don’t hesitate – Heather’s your Lady.


Charlene Wolthuizen.(small)Heather came into my life at a perfect time!  During our coaching sessions Heather had an uncanny way of asking the questions that I should have been asking myself, but was never able to articulate in my own head.  We uncovered things that I did not know were holding me back from enjoying success in my career, freedom in my finances, and a healthy body.  I’ve been able to move forward by leaps and bounds!  I’ve made changes in my life during the 3 months that have given me financial freedom that is life changing.  These accomplishments would not have happened with out the guidance and accountability that Heather provided for me. I highly recommend Heather for anyone who wants to dig deep and come out better and stronger.


Brandi-TindallWorking with Heather literally changed my life. When I first met Heather I was in a funk, had lost all of my confidence and I felt as though I didn’t know myself anymore. My life plan was to go to university, start a career, have kids and I never anticipated that once all of that was done, I would experience an overwhelming “now what?” feeling. Once I started working with Heather, things changed almost instantly for me. I began to believe in myself again and dig deep to look at what I truly wanted out of life. I now own a business that I am proud of, caters to both my strengths & passion, and supports my goal of achieving work/life balance. I highly recommend Heather to any woman, no matter what career stage she is in. Heather guides you through a remarkable process of recognizing your true gifts & strengths for career success at any stage!


Heather Petherick is an exceptional coach. After every coaching session, I felt rejuvenated and refocused. I was challenged and validated–two important aspects to personal and professional growth. Heather is a consummate professional and a great advocate. Her advice is practical, grounded and focused. I highly recommend her and the process she follows to support her clients.


Natalie GreenHeather and I came together during probably one of the most critical times in my career.  After working with her I realize now how valuable coaching has been to my life and will continue to be.  My awareness and confidence are heightened and I am just starting to see the true power I have over my career and life.




Eventually every woman has to face the truth

No matter what your ambition (Thriving Entrepreneur, Corporate Queen, Domestic Goddess) and no matter how hard you work – success will continue to elude you until you master the one thing standing in your way:

Your Success is an inside job

Consider This:


You can have the perfect website and the most powerful marketing funnel in place. You can develop the coolest lead magnet for the perfect target market and offer the most amazing product or service out there!  You can even be killing yourself working 40+ hours a week to build your business…


 You can have the best education, training and experience in your field. You can have the most expertly crafted resume on the market. You can go to every conference and networking event, have the most powerful connections and biggest LinkedIn community of anybody in the room!  You can even be killing yourself putting in 40+ hours a week to rise up the ranks…


You can have the perfect 2-story craftsman-style home in the most sought-after neighbourhood.  You can be driving the newest EXL Honda Odyssey and your kids can go to school in the coolest brand-name clothes.  You can even be killing yourself baking Pinterest-worthy cupcakes and training for the next mini-marathon…

… but if your mindset is stuck repeating old patterns

it’s inevitably the deadweight that will drag you down.  

Your small, scared, self-editing, slave-girl thinking is going to poison all your efforts and is actually going to make your success even harder – where you have to invest more money, more energy, and more time away from your family for smaller and smaller returns – to the point where you eventually say ‘F’ this!

You might decide it’s not meant to be and give up on your dreams before you – or the world – ever sees what you can really do.  It’s a scary prospect.   And even though you’re feeling a bit beat up and stressed out you’re not ready to give up on yourself. 

You realize there’s got to be a better way.  And you’re right!  There is.


Mindset Mastery Program

Pay in full $3,997

Early Bird Pay in Full $2,997 or 3 payments of $1,200

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Why work with me

I’ve been exactly where you are. I’ve lived the frustration of trying so damn hard and enjoying so damn little.

Embarrassingly, despite my super-nerd abilities and my over-achieving tendencies I struggled for years to break even in my business. And it wasn’t because I wasn’t talented. My clients were thrilled with their coaching! My colleagues were envious of my systems! My friends and family admired my ambition and passion. And even though I had “everything going for me” I still felt like I was a failure because the results I wanted just weren’t materializing.

It wasn’t until I realized that I was living in this cycle of doing –> draining –> stalling –> regrouping that things started to change. With the help of my own coach I began to unhook from the old patterns of people-pleasing, perfection-seeking, and comparison-making that had always drained my best efforts. Instead, I dropped the drama and discovered that success is so much easier when you get out of your own way.

And it’s not just me. Over my 8+ years as a career coach I’ve reached 100’s of women through my coaching, writing and speaking.  And I consistently see other women getting hung up on the very same mindset traps. 


Your life can be so filled (salespage)


Since mastering my mindset, my biz income has doubled year-over-year for the past 2 years and I’m on pace to double it again in 2015!  But even more rewarding is that I’m working less than 25hrs a week, have the time and money to take my summers off with my kids, and I’ve ditched all of the self-doubt, worry and overwhelm that used to rule my life.

Success truly IS easier when you get out of your own way.  I’m proof of that.

Today, I consistently honour myself, my loved ones, my clients and my ambitions without stress and sacrifice. I am no longer available for old mindset patterns that hold me back. I’m living the life of my dreams all because I finally mastered my mindset.

I did it.  You can too.  Your success – however you choose to define it – is waiting for you to master your mindset.



Yes, I’m ready to master my mindset!

Pay in full $3,997

Early Bird Pay in Full $2,997 or 3 payments of $1,200


Mindset Mastery Program

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Why Mindset Mastery

Heather-Hawaii-2015-1wideYou can read all the brain science, abundance, and mindset books on the market and be still no further ahead.  None of it works unless you actually put it into practice.  It’s just like buying a gym membership and wondering why you’re not getting in better shape…

Nothing changes until you do.

What’s worse is that even if you’re totally dedicated to achieving your dreams – success will continue to elude you.

Because with all you have going on you’re bound to self-sabotage.

Between marriage, mortgages, kids and careers – you just don’t have the reserve energy, discipline and perspective that’s required to pull yourself up out of the trenches and examine your own thinking.

Here’s the truth: You can’t think your way out of situation that your own thinking has created.

That’s why the Mindset Mastery program is so transformational.  You’re no longer alone!  As your private VIP coach, I’ll support you every step of the way.  Courageously.  Strategically.  Brilliantly.  I’ll point the way and shine a light on the hidden areas that are tripping you up.  We’ll laugh, we’ll cry – we’ll even swear a bit – and together we’ll walk hand-in-hand through a series of powerful conversations that untangle you from the mindset traps that have been blocking your success all this time.

Program Outline

Module 1 /

Week 1 & 2

Your Self: Setting The Foundation For Your Mindset Mastery

  • Gain laser clarity on what sets you apart, makes you unique, and where your natural success lay
  • Unmask from the ‘shoulds’ and reveal your beautiful, authentic self
  • Uncover the root of your career frustrations and what keeps your confidence shaky
  • Feel lighter, stronger and more focused

Module 2 /

Week 3 & 4

Your Truth: Strengthen Your Boundaries & Zap Old Tolerations

  • Learn the truth about perfectionism so that you can finally unhook from praise & criticism
  • Stop judging yourself so that you can unleash your true potential
  • Identify your secret energy drains and free up time and energy for the things that truly matter
  • Discover simple ways you can begin to strengthen your boundaries and restore your spirit

Module 3 /

Week 5 & 6

Your Happiness: Getting Free Of People-Pleasing

  • Learn how to stop giving up your power and allowing others to rule your life
  • Identify old thinking patterns that keep you playing small, accepting less, and hiding out
  • Tap into your higher and wiser self so that you can escape the comparison trap for good
  • Use my simply daily practice to maintain your edge, boost your confidence and reclaim your power

Module 4 /

Week 7 & 8

Your Life: Getting Out Of Your Head And Into Your Life

  • Discover the truth about your happiness and where it is in your life
  • Learn to release past mistakes and future what-ifs so that you can enjoy all that’s available right now
  • Experience my simple 4-step mindfulness practice and access joy immediately

Module 5 /

Week 9 & 10

Your Strength: Caring For the Queen

  • Raise your personal standards so you can receive new energy, love and abundance in your life
  • Remove the drama in your life that’s walling off your success
  • Establish healthy, do-able self-care habits that have you feeling like a Queen
  • Discover the truth behind statements like, “I wish…” that’s secretly sabotaging your success

Module 6 /

Week 11 & 12

Your Success: Mindset Mastery Capstone

  • Claim YOUR version of happiness and success so that you can finally stop chasing everyone else’s (No more shiny object syndrome!)
  • Learn 5 simple ways to stay strong when life throws you curveball
  • Receive extra accountability to implement and strengthen your mindset habits
  • Establish your mindset mastery commitments and make it stick




Yes, I’m ready to master my mindset!

Pay in full $3,997

Early Bird Pay in Full $2,997 or 3 payments of $1,200


Mindset Mastery Program

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Mindset Mastery includes:

Your comprehensive Welcome Package & Mindset Assessment (20-pages) is designed specifically to jumpstart your mindset shift even before we start!  This packet will help you excavate the truth about your mindset traps so that you’re poised to make the most of each module and are prepared for our calls.

6 Downloadable Course Modules to help you dive deep into every part of your journey to more confidence, calm and focus in your life.  Each module is a fillable .pdf workbook of it’s own consisting of 24+ pages each of beautiful content, examples, exercises and assessments that map out your mindset mastery step-by-step.

12 Private Training & Coaching Calls with Heather that dive deep into each module and provide personal guidance on the topic at hand.  You’ll have 2 weeks to focus on each module; typically one to introduce the topic and set goals, one to receive tailored support and expert follow-up.

Unlimited laser support from Heather via text or email in between your private calls.  It’s like having your very own mindset wingman on call 24/7 so you can receive laser support exactly when you need it for the most dramatic mindset transformation possible!  No more backsliding or weakening.  Just increasing strength, clarity and focus.

Yes, I’m ready to master my mindset!

Pay in full $3,997

Early Bird Pay in Full $2,997 or 3 payments of $1,200


Mindset Mastery Program

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