Permission to Evolve

This week I’m thinking about evolution.

Whether we’re ready or not, the seasons are evolving and changing from summer to fall.  That’s the natural order of things; there is a continual cycle of birth, growth, and decay in life.

But how often do we resist that natural order in our own lives, careers, business and even relationships?

On some level we may recognize that we’ve outgrown our current situation and yet, freeze ourselves in place thinking that we can’t move on until we’ve mastered where we are.


  • Stay in on our old job and grow resentful
  • Keep old relationships on life-support
  • Handcuff our business by offering the same old same old services

But that’s not healthy. By delaying your evolution – in your career or business – you stunt your expansion and creativity AND you deny the world your next up-level.

Growth doesn’t just come from mastery. It also comes from experience.

So even if you feel like you haven’t perfected what’s before you, it may be time to give yourself permission to continue on your journey – as imperfect as it may be – and invite new experiences in.

This week, I invite you to consider your next evolution.

  • Where in your life do you need to give yourself permission to move forward?
  • What has the experience (job/relationship/business phase) taught you that you can be grateful for?
  • How has it prepared you to take the next step?
  • Who will benefit from your evolution?

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