The Power of Focus + Florence Flash Sale!

you get what you focus on

Over the last 10 months I’ve had dozens of women ask me, “Am I crazy for thinking about a career change with the state of the economy right now?”

My answer is no and here’s why…

The women who succeed in a challenging economy are the ones that know who they are.

When there’s a lot of competition in the labor market, the people who win the best opportunities are the ones who are crystal clear on:

  • Where their unique genius lies
  • What they need to be successful
  • How they work best
  • What they’re passionate about

…and they focus on getting it – rather than abandoning their truth and settling for any opportunity, or sinking into a state of fear and obsessing about what they don’t want.

self-awareness + focus = success

Your most powerful tool in life (and work) is your mindset. You have the freedom to think about whatever you wish, but be warned: Whatever you focus on – you’ll get more of. 

Unfortunately, most of us aren’t fully aware of our true power and, unwittingly, we spend more time focusing on what we DON’T want.  Is it any wonder, then, that we continue to experience challenging conditions like:

  • Too many bills and not enough money
  • Widespread layoffs and dwindling career opportunities
  • Too many obligations and not enough time
  • Increasing conflict or detachment in our relationships

Instead, shift your focus to things you DO want to experience like:

  • Having more than enough money for all our desires
  • Landing the perfect career/biz opportunity
  • Enjoying ample time to care for ourselves, our family and do great work
  • Developing trust and deepening connection in our relationships

When you shift your focus away from the negative and toward the positive, you’ll begin to change your outcomes.


Florence Flash Sale

I’m absolutely giddy about my upcoming trip to Florence, Italy, next month and I want to share the excitement with you!  That’s why I’m announcing a limited time offer…

Florence Flash Sale

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flash sale collage

If you’re done with feeling beat down, stuck and spinning at work and are determined to have the career (and life) you’ve been dreaming of, claim your spot now using promo code: florence

During our time together you will:

  • Discover what you’ve got to offer the world so you can make an impact AND be well compensated for your unique genius
  • Get crystal clear on what next for you in your life, business or Career Clarity
  • Overcome insecure thinking about yourself and money
  • Move out of boredom and overwhelm in your career to experience your most vibrant and successful self
  • Transform the urgency and stress into productivity and ease
  • Discover graceful ways to make a healthy living minus the struggle or losing your freedom
  • Tap into the life and career that’s so totally you it takes your breath away, inspires others and makes you irresistible

Whether you’re wanting out of your current job or wanting to create your own business – this is for you.

The Career Makeover Program is beautiful process of self-discovery that allows you to finally tap into what’s uniquely meant for you and how to turn that into a career that lights you up and brings financial abundance.

When you get this right everything else falls into place!

Heather Hawaii

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Enroll now in The Career Makeover Program

to enjoy $500 savings PLUS a $400 gift certificate to your favorite

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Heather Petherick is a master success coach for high potential business leaders, having established her private coaching practice in 2007. Since then, she’s coached hundreds of emerging leaders and entrepreneurs from around the globe to overcome the mindset traps that keep them playing small so that they can realize their potential and create the impact they’re meant for. Her areas of speciality are: • Mindset • Confidence • Communication • Speed of Implementation Her clients include corporate rising stars at WestJet, Agrium, Suncor Energy, Manulife Bank, TD, Royal Bank of Canada, KMPG and PepsiCo International as well as big-thinking entrepreneurs from around the world. She has been featured as a career and success expert with Women Engineering The Future, The Royal Bank of Canada, Canadian Living Magazine and Chatelaine magazine. Heather’s journey from growing up on a humble sheep farm on the prairies of western Canada to building a global coaching business have lent to her signature coaching style that combines both wit and humility, style and business savvy. She holds a Master’s degree in Management and lives in Lethbridge, Alberta with her husband and two children.

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