The guide to reaching your goals in the next 90-Days!

This past weekend I spent a lot of time in my garden.

I was soaking up the last warm days of the season while I trimmed back decaying plants, stirred my compost bin (dirty but oh-so-satisfying!), harvested raspberries and planted tulip bulbs for next spring.

And it made me wonder, what are you reaping and sowing this season?


raspberries in my garden

Whether you’re enjoying the fruits of your labors this Thanksgiving weekend or regretting action not taken, it’s time to embrace that there are only 90-days left of 2016.

Truth is: what you do today will determine what you’re doing (and who you’re being) 6 months from now.

That’s why I’ve created this simple guide to ensure you make progress over the next few months.  It doesn’t have to be hard, it just requires commitment.

3 Ways to Reach Your Goals in the Last Quarter of 2016 and Start 2017 Off Right

 1. Practice Patience

We live in a world accustomed to instant gratification.

Zap.  You’ve got mail.  Ding!  Here’s your breakfast.  Click.  Here’s the latest news.

And we get into a panic when other things in life take longer than a push of a button.

But substantial, enduring, and meaningful things in life do take longer.  There’s a natural and gradual order to things.  For example: Getting a university degree: 4 years.  Having a baby: 9 months.  Training for a 5K race: 3 months.

Rush these things and we’re likely to experience error, injury, stress and failure. So why rush other important things like building a business or changing your career?

Of course, patience is a quality that doesn’t come easily in today’s modern world.  Like most, I had to learn to work at it.  Like when I become a new mom and entrepreneur, I had a choice to either learn to slow down, or drive myself crazy.

Back then, I memorized this little poem to help me practice patience:

Patience is a virtue.

Possess it if you can.

Seldom found in women

But never found in men.

(Source: my mother-in-law, Joan)

So next time you see yourself becoming anxious, stressed and frustrated with your progress…take a deep breath.  Focus on what you’re trying to create: a temporary change or something sustainable?  Remember the natural order of things. And, finally, give yourself grace.

2. Act Consistently

When you want to create lasting change you need to do the little things consistently.  Those little things add up to big, wonderful things given enough time.

Some of the ways consistency can get and keep you on track is:

  • Going for a short walk every morning before breakfast improves your health
  • Jounaling every night before bed creates more ease and gratitude
  • Checking your inbox only once per day will boost your productivity
  • Scheduling only 15 minutes each day to focus on taking a small step towards your biggest goal will create huge progress!

It’s not even the task that matters so much as the very fact that you are consistently taking action, no matter how small that action is.


3. Make Success Automatic

The most successful people don’t get that way by doing it all alone.  In fact, they’re surrounded by an entourage of supporters.  Why?  Because they know that success becomes automatic when you’ve got the right structures and support in place.

Think about it: every day our brains make hundreds of decisions… everything from what we’re going to wear today to how we’re going to grow our business.

We can lighten this load and preserve our energy for the really important decisions by delegating, automating and creating accountability for ourselves.

For example,

That way your success will actually happen.

When we feel like it’s not all on us, there’ll be less chance for self-sabotage. Plus, we can avoid all of the emotional drama associated with the little decisions – that frankly aren’t a good use of our time anyway.

Success can be easy or it can be hard.  It’s really a choice that you have this Thanksgiving weekend – and everyday after that.


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