Rockport Career Assessment

Measuring what’s most important for a perfect career fit!

What is The Rockport Career Assessment?

The Rockport Career Assessment is the most powerful tool available for calibrating your compass toward a career you’ll thrive in. Unlike other career tests, it goes far beyond telling you what you already know about your interests and skill sets. It goes deeper than personality tests like Myers-Briggs in revealing the kind of work you naturally do well and that naturally leads to success, respect and fulfillment.

Sounds great, how does it work?

The Rockport Career Assessment consists of a series of tests, which measure your 13 career make-or-break aptitudes and pinpoints your classic Myers-Briggs type personality style. Together, they define the natural gifts, talents and traits that are most useful in helping you identify your ideal career. These are performance measures that actually measure your natural talents instead of your opinion or past experience. You won’t score higher if you think you have a talent or lower if you think you don’t.

How do I understand what the results mean?

This is the best part. First, we send you the results along with written materials and an audio file that explains the different areas. You can go through this at your leisure.
Then, we set up a 1-hour telephone conference with me. This is where we roll up our sleeves and discuss your unique career situation in depth. We’ll talk over the career issues that you are trying to resolve, develop a deep understanding of how your abilities and your personality fit together and I’ll provide specific career suggestions that leverage this knowledge toward your most ideal career.

This is for me! What’s the investment?

The Rockport Assessment and 1-hour teleconference is only $500 Cdn. To get started, click the button to make your payment, and I’ll mail you your assessment and instructions. You’ll have it in about 5 business days.

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