Make Room For Your Desires!

The New Year is such a wonderful time to clear away the old and welcome the new, don’t you think?

The key to our success often involves adding something NEW to our lives.  It may be taking in new information, establishing new habits, meeting new people, or doing new things.

Unfortunately, we’re likely to sabotage our success by adding NEW to an already overloaded life.


Imagine yourself on a fabulous vacation and while there you do some amazing shopping.  You’re excited to bring home your new delights, only to find that you have no room for them in your suitcases.

suitcase too fullYou are faced with a choice. You could:

  • Use brute force to stuff your new treasures in and risk damaging them or have your suitcase explode in transit,
  • Purchase additional bags to carry your treasures in, overwhelming yourself and making the trek home even more tiresome,
  • Or you could let go of old items and make space for the new.

This same situation happens everyday in personal, business and career development.  New information can’t be added to a totally stuffed container and attempts to do so lead to overload, overwhelm and disorganization.

The process of sorting, clearing and decluttering is critical to your success.  It frees up space, time and energy to create what you truly desire.

This has been a proven practice and was especially important to me this time last year as I began a year-long training program with my own high-level coach and made preparations to travel to Los Angeles, Florence, Paris & Miami!

LA Florence Paris Miami

As I prepared for the adventure ahead, I spent a lot of time sorting, clearing and decluttering.

  • Donating old clothes or accessories that no longer feel stylish
  • Cleaning out drawers of old makeup and expired beauty products
  • Filing away important documents and organizing my workspace
  • Ditching old luggage that’s tired and damaged

I encourage you to do the same, as a way to prepare for your own adventures in 2017.  Clear the way for what you want to see happen in your life.  You’ll feel lighter, clearer, and more focused… and that’s a sure step on the path to your success!


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