The secret sauce of success!

Ever wonder what’s the “secret sauce” to success?  Like no matter how hard you work or what you try, the results you want always elude you.

Well, I’ve got to tell you something that really hit home for me this past week that I know will help you…

Backstory: If you’ve been reading my emails or watching my Facebook posts lately you know that I’ve just returned from L.A and being supported by my coach and a community of other hi-caliber women.  You also know that I’ve been adding new members to my team, like a personal assistant, a weekly housekeeper and even a grocery delivery girl.

But I wasn’t always so supported. Truth is, for 7 YEARS I struggled in my business waiting for things to take off (talk about having a high pain threshold)!

As a Super-nerd with an independent streak, I isolated myself from people who could help me because I was afraid they’d make me do something I didn’t want to, or worse, tell me I was doing something wrong.

Sound familiar?

I thought:

  • I really couldn’t afford the help,
  • No one else would really understand me and my situation
  • I already knew what was best for my career and biz
  • Getting help would only make me look weak

It wasn’t until I was basically on my knees, ready to give up on my dreams, and finally got over myself that I discovered the No. 1 secret of successful women:

They don’t do it all alone! 

 (No, it’s not rocket science but hear me out on this…)

When you’re juggling a career or business, a family, and your dreams you’ve got to surround yourself with other hi-quality, committed sisters that are really going for it.

And HERE’S THE CATCH: you can’t wait for success to get support!

Too many women put off getting the help they need, thinking, “Someday I’ll hire the housekeeper, an assistant, my coach.”  But that “someday” keeps you trapped in today.  If you truly want to be successful, you need to be that woman today.

When you get support – success follows (not the other way around).

Today, I’m happy to say that I’m a recovering “Isolationist.” I’m surrounded by a team of hi-vibe women who’re really rooting for me!


Every day they inspire me, speed up my path to success, keep me accountable, and cheer me on when I need to dig deeper.  Most important, they don’t let me waste my time on self-pity, self-doubt and confusion anymore.

Amen, Sister!

And the results speak for themselves. I’m on pace to double my gross income (again!) this year and I’ve discovered even more ways to grow my business that I never would have imagined thanks to the collective wins and challenges these women have shared with me.

I’m writing you this today to remind you how powerful you are when you commit to yourself and get the support you need.  You can’t just say that you want to be successful.  You have to be that woman today.


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