Take the first step and watch your dream unfold.


This month we’ve been talking a lot about preparing for the year ahead.

Now is the perfect time to make preparations for what you want to create and receive in your life.

But too often people wait until it’s the right time or they’ve got enough experience or enough money. But that’s the biggest mistake; you live your life waiting.

When you begin to prepare yourself, however small, for what you want to see happen you set the wheels in motion and things start to happen faster than ever.

Making the shift from waiting to preparing is the secret!

For the rest of this month, I’ll be sharing with you the ways that I prepare myself for what I desire that includes (1) visualizing, (2) clearing out and (3) purchasing the first step!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Begin with visualizing.

The power of visualization is that it forces us to get laser focused on what we want while allowing us to experience what we want today.

For example, if you desire to quit your corporate job and start your own business, imagine yourself actually getting up in the morning and being your own boss…

  • What are you wearing?
  • Where do you go and what does your workspace look like?
  • What sounds, smells or visuals do you experience there?
  • How does it feel like to be free of corporate agendas and office politics?
  • What’s your mood and energy level?

The more vivid your visualization, the more successful you’ll be in drawing it in.

Repeat this exercise everyday – for a little as 3 minutes – and you’ll begin to experience opportunities, ideas and events that prepare the way for this reality.

You can credit the law of attraction, the power of faith or simple woo-woo’ery – but it works!

I encourage you to use the energy of this first month of the year to get yourself prepared to succeed.  Begin, by visualizing and experiencing what you want right now.

Next week I’ll be sharing how to clear the way for the new! And in the final week I’ll explain how I set myself up for success by purchasing the first step toward my desires.


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