“Heather is a coach who is more than a teacher, more than a guide, and more than a friend…  Her insightful, empowering yet nurturing nature has helped me to embark on a journey that is way beyond a career change – it has been an incredible journey of personal transformation.”

Vivian Yuen-Lee, Owner, Engenius Asset Creation Inc.


“The results were immediate!  I felt stronger and more focused in my career within the very first month of working with Heather.  Thanks to her process I am now in my dream job – just one year later – AND have already been offered a lucrative promotion!”

Stephanie Fisher-Dortman, Executive Associate, Alberta Health Services


“Heather has transformed my view on how to evaluate and manage my career. Through her guidance and coaching, I now realize that a career is not the straight road that our traditional teachers and mentors have taught us to think about. Instead, Heather has helped me find my inner “talents”, encouraged me to explore other career niches and options, and given me the courage to use that knowledge to take my career to the next level. This is an essential exploratory process that I would strongly recommend to any working professional, whether you are looking to find the right “career-fit” or seeking professional growth, and Heather Petherick is the ideal coaching professional to do this.”

Kim Schaaf, Web Coordinator, Alberta Health Services


“Heather Petherick is an exceptional coach.  After every coaching session, I felt rejuvenated and refocused.  I was challenged and validated – two important aspects to personal and professional growth.  Heather is a consummate professional and a great advocate.  Her advice is practical, grounded and focused. I highly recommend her and the process she follows to support her clients.”

Cheryl Dick, CEO, Economic Development Lethbridge


“Heather and I came together during probably one of the most critical times in my career. After just three months of working with her I realize how valuable coaching has been to my life and will continue to be. My awareness and confidence are heightened and I am just starting to see the true power I have over my career and life.”  

Natalie Green, Account Supervisor, Brookline Public Relations Inc.


“Heather Petherick is a positive and powerful friend dedicated to passing on her knowledge to other women. She has a laser-sharp ability to hone in your career obstacles and turn your thinking on its end.  I have personally seen the dramatic improvement in women’s lives and careers that flow from Heather’s work.  As a working-mom and business leader myself, I too have relied on her support many times and she’s never failed to provide the kick-in-the-pantyhose that I need to be successful. She is an amazing mother, coach and friend.”

Sue Casement, Executive Regional Vice President, Arbonne International   www.togetherwecan.myarbonne.ca


“Heather has developed unique ways to support women to create their ideal career – and with it more confidence, joy, and success. I recommend her because she is an authentic and dedicated professional that’s built a successful career using her unique strengths, personality and passion – and she can help you do it too.”

Teresia LaRocque, MCC,  TLC Coaching & Associates  www.teresia.com


“Heather’s weekly coaching sessions were all invaluable, as she brought to light key points in my assignments and provided thorough guidance. Our weekly sessions were something I looked forward to and always helped me to put my racing thoughts and doubts into perspective.  Heather continued to push
me outside the box even though I was “scared” of taking this big leap… I appreciated her thought-invoking questions, as well as her belief and constant optimism that my ideal career was achieveable.”

Kristin Dennett, Project Coordinator, Calgary Stampede.

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