The Sound of Sucess is “help?”

In the 5+ years I’ve been a coach, I’ve had the pleasure of working with some pretty amazing women. They are often engineers, bankers, business leaders and up-and-comers. They’re educated, dynamic ladies who bring an uncommon commitment to their work and are driven by a desire to make a meaningful difference. But what makes them truly amazing, at least in my mind, is that they know when to ask for help.

How often have you recognized in your own life that things weren’t going very well – but you were too scared (or too proud) to ask for help? And instead of moving forward you kept spinning your wheels. Hey, everyone has challenges! Everyone gets knocked down. But those destined for success know when to get help.

Take my client, Natalie Green, for example. When she called me last fall, she’d been working as a Communications Advisor for one of the most admired employers in Canada, WestJet, for over 5 years. She’d had a great run but things were starting to get stale. And her confidence was shaken when she was overlooked for the logical promotion to Manager. She wanted my help to identify where (if at all) she’d gone wrong and what to do next. Of course, she could have stayed put; worry, stressing and second-guessing. Instead, she reached out for help and got clear on who she was, what she was truly capable of, and where best to apply her magic.

The result? She’s now working at a level she had previously only dreamed about: designing processes, leading a team and crafting messages for the C-Suite. She talks about her coaching experience here, on YouTube:

Not bad for someone who needed “help.”



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