Top 3 reasons you need successful friends

No, it’s not (just) the for free drinks or fancy trips.


Seriously.  I started to think about this the other day when a University student interviewed me and asked, “What’s the one thing that’s made the biggest difference in your career?”  My first response was becoming friends with people who were more successful than me.

Why? Because, besides being totally fun and inspiring, these people have always sped up my path to success.  Sometimes they were light years ahead of me and sometimes they were only a half step ahead of me but they always elevated my efforts.

Which makes me recognize, whether you want to…

  • leave your corporate job,
  • create your own business, or
  • do something your truly passionate about

…finding someone who has or is already doing what you want to do can make a huge difference!


As Jim Rohn famously affirmed, who we spend our time with strongly influences who we become.  So if you want to be successful in anything, you should seek out friends who are succeeding at it.  Want specifics?

Top 3 reasons you need successful friends:

1) They normalize the whole “going for your dreams” thing.  They make it seem not so crazy, scary, or impossible for the rest of us.  I’m always surprised at how “normal” successful people are, even mega stars like Oprah, Taylor Swift, and Mark Zuckerberg are really just human beings.  In the beginning, they had to face the same (or even bigger) challenges as we’re facing and they still found a way to turn their dreams into a reality.  If they can, maybe we can too!  Being around them has a way of diminishing our fear and increasing our confidence.

2) They leave a “success wake” behind them.  If you get close enough to them you can directly benefit from their insight, experience and wisdom.  They’ve been exactly where you are and can point the way forward.  Plus, their momentum can speed up your success.  Like a boat traveling through the water or a “pump draft” in a race, when you get close enough to be inspired you’ll be carried forward and get farther faster than you ever would working solo.

And with today’s technology, getting close can be as simple as reading their biography, watching their Youtube videos, or joining their program!

3) They have an abundant mindset.  They are naturally generous!  Successful people know that there is plenty of opportunity to go around and they treat challenges as a source of inspiration rather than a reason to feel threatened.  That makes them excellent mentors and cheerleaders.  (And yes, you may even get tossed a few choice freebies or an insider opportunity.  Who doesn’t love a friend like that!?)

So, outside of your family and coworkers, who do you currently spend the most time with?


  • Are they strong, successful people who can help you along your journey?
  • Are they happy and positive people who will inspire you?

If not, get out there and make some new friends!  It’s a great way to gain momentum towards your dreams.  Whether they’re light-years ahead of you or just a half step, successful friends will speed up your success.


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