Life has never been more exciting (or scary) for you.

You’ve made the commitment to be your own boss and a leader in your business. Congratulations! 

Yet, while it’s an exciting time of life, it can also be pretty isolating and scary running the show, making you question yourself, your sanity and why you ever thought you could pull this off. 

Do you…

  • Feign, “everything’s great!” when friends and family ask how business is going when the real truth is that some days you just wanted to crawl into a hole with a box of Kleenex
  • Flounder to take consistent action and then stress yourself out second guessing your decisions (exhausting, right?!)
  • Fight with your husband about many hours you’re working versus how little you’re earning right now 
  • Hide behind your computer, wasting hours online comparing yourself to others, worried that you’re not good enough 

 Nodding your head, “Yes”?  Then it’s time to take action… 

Most women feel this way at one stage or another in business. 

How can I say this with such certainty? Because only a short few years ago, I was in your shoes…

I broke free of my cushy corporate job to start my own business armed with loads of talent and work ethic but I kept getting snagged in self-doubt.   

Truth be told, I was THIS close to hitting CTRL+ALT and DELETE.

All I wanted to do was use my talents to help people, but the constant ups and downs of business were breaking down my well-battled armour. My passion (coaching), with all the love, sweat and tears I had devoted to it, was starting to feel like a cruel pipe dream.

Honestly, I nearly cashed it all in and moved the family to Costa Rica to live with the Howler monkeys!

But before I waved the white flag, I went in for one last campaign. The irony is that in that final battle, I finally found my success!

I found a way to stop spinning in my head and start winning in my business.


I hired a high-level business coach and mentor.  And, because of her, I discovered more about myself than I had ever known and finally got the business support, mentorship and mindset coaching I had been craving.

I found my voice and I owned it.

I received support and I relaxed into my business.

I developed confidence in my own instincts.

Most importantly – I began taking the RIGHT ACTION.

In just a few months, my calendar was chock full of prospects eager to work with me. I had journalists, bloggers and influencers asking for my opinion every month (side note: a brilliant way to get free exposure for your business).  I was attracting subscribers like crazy and I started blowing my income goals out of the water!

This doesn’t mean that I became a slave to my business – oh no. I now work less than 25 hours a week and regularly earn 5-figure months. But do you want to know the most important part?

I am able to enjoy both my business AND my life.

And now, after a decade of running my own business, as well as being a wife, mother and coach, I’ve learnt some pretty important lessons around the nuts and bolts of pioneering a successful business. And dare I say, living a successful life.

If you’re here it’s because you want this too – and I can show you how.

How far you could go if you felt unconditionally supported in your business and vision?


  • A proven system of accountability that frees you from the cycle of doing-draining-stalling that wipes out most business owners
  • An elegant marketing strategy that leverages your genius and automatically grows your list of raving fans and eager prospects
  • A safe, private place to brainstorm and strategize without being judged as silly, weak or selfish
  • The perfect messaging that resonates with your ideal clients and magnetizes them to you
  • Mastered your sales conversations so you can convert prospects into paying clients and overcome objections with ease
  • A fresh, new relationship with money that ends the struggle and finally invites wealth into your life
  • Proven tools, scripts, templates and strategies to implement in your business and convert prospects into paying clients
  • An unshakable confidence to handle whatever business (or life) throws at you

These are the types of benefits my long-term clients experience from working with me… and much more!

Jennifer McCarthyIn just a few months of working with Heather, I’ve incorporated my new company, built my prototype, assembled my team, nailed my brand’s tagline and attracted major media attention for my business, appearing on the front page of the newspaper!  I’m now 100% self-employed with true flexibility in my schedule and total control over my future… and it feels awesome!  With Heather as my dedicated cheerleader and strategic sidekick, I’ve finally been able to make my dreams come true with more ease and confidence than I ever thought possible!

~ Jennifer McCarthy, Owner, Teacup Tiny Homes Ltd., Canada

Genine Howard


Heather is a unique mix of savviness and sharp wit – her approach to business is unlike any other. She is a high calibre professional yet total rockstar! Her vibrancy and quirkiness make her a stand out coach and business leader. This is a woman on a mission … and one to watch!

~ Genine Howard, CEO and founder of Life. Extraordinary., Australia


For me the measure of a coach lies in the questions she asks and Heather Petherick is one of the most amazing coaches I have encountered! 

She showed me the connection between two totally unrelated topics I had been wrestling with for years which has allowed me to leap forward in business and in life. Thank you, Heather! 

~ Mari Uusitalo, Editor in Chief, IC Zenith Magazine, Finland

Book a complimentary 30-minute session to discover if this program is right for you.

This is a unique opportunity to have your own private, high-level mentor with you every step of the way, literally guiding you to build the life and business you adore.

Ready to step into success? Then I invite you to become




We’ll tailor our work together based on your unique goals and challenges. Areas of focus can include…


Finding Your Why

  • Anchor in to your purpose, impact and legacy so you can stay in your lane and create your own success
  • Stop apologizing for who you are or what you want so you can finally make the impact you’re meant to
  • Find the courage (and words!) for those crucial conversations that earn you the respect and support you deserve

Your Unshakable Mindset

  • Break free from negative beliefs and fears that have been sabotaging your success
  • Unhook from the perfectionism, procrastination and comparison-making that keeps you trapped in a cycle of doing -> draining -> stalling -> regrouping
  • Create a simple mindset practice to keep you focused, in-action and out of overwhelm in less than 15-minutes a day

Money Blocks & Charging Your Worth

  • Identify old patterns that have kept you under-earning and starving for clients
  • Explode any scarcity thinking so that new money, support and opportunity flow into your life
  • Raise your rates so you’re charging your worth AND begin attracting ideal clients

Ideal Client & Messaging

  • Get clear on your ideal client so you can find the people who are looking for what you have to offer
  • Receive suggestions on your messaging, tagline or offering so clients understand why you’re the expert for them (even if you’re just starting out)
  • Tune in to your unique voice so that you’re not constantly borrowing from (and competing with) other people in your field

Being Visible & Loving It

  • Overcome feelings of ‘not being good enough’ so that you can shine your light, get noticed and connect with your people
  • Create a simple online strategy to grow your tribe of raving fans and influencers that automatically send you clients
  • Learn how to rise above the haters, critics or resistors without losing your femininity and heart

Sales & Lead Conversion

  • Create simply daily sales habits that automatically fill your calendar with qualified leads
  • Master your sales conversations so that you’re converting more prospects into paying clients without feeling pushy or salesy
  • Learn how to overcome sales objections with grace and ease, routinely turning a ‘no thanks’ into a ‘Hell Yes!’


Welcome Package

To fill out before we begin to clarify your goals, excavate your fears and create a foundation for our partnership.

90-Minute Skype Intensive

To kick off our time together and create early momentum.

18 x 1 Hour Coaching Sessions

Over the course of 6 months.  Three telephone sessions each month scheduled in a way that supports you best.


Assigned as needed in between your sessions that is designed to deepen your awareness, build your confidence and forward your action.

Weekly Laser Support

Via text or email to keep you out of overwhelm & stop the crazy-making before it ever starts.

Monthly Checkpoints

Every month you’ll have the opportunity to provide feedback, share your wins and review any challenges so we can continue to serve you best.


Pay in Full: $7,500* ($1500 discount)

Payment Plan: 6 monthly payments of $1500* each.

*gst added to the invoice for Canadian residents


Ready to stop spinning, start building and get noticed? 


  • You’re a high achieving, high energy woman who tends to be successful at most things you take on and you are ready to make a commitment to achieving the next level of success in your career or business.
  • You’re going through a period of intense personal and professional evolution (starting your own business or growing to the next level) and it’s time to hire a dedicated coach that will help you navigate gracefully.
  • You’re an established entrepreneur with a lot of the biz systems and structures in place already but STILL aren’t seeing the results you desire. It’s time to take a straight look in the mirror, be supported like a true #girlboss and overcome the blocks that are really holding you back.
  • You’re up to really big things and want to stay focussed and out of the emotional drama that comes with juggling kids + career + marriage + mortgage + team.


  • You believe that success only comes through struggle, sacrifice and doing it all on your own.  Truth is you don’t really see yourself as a leader that deserves to be supported.
  • You’re certain that if you could just buckle down, grow thicker skin, and work longer hours that success will eventually come (Call me when you get tired of that).
  • You have no money or are in tons of credit card debt.  If that’s the case, work on getting in good financial shape and then let’s talk.
  • You’re looking for a DIY’er group program that you can enrol in, hide out in the background and then point fingers at when you don’t make progress.  If you’re not ready to roll up your sleeves, dig deep and get R-E-A-L with me, I (nor anyone else) will be able to help you create the success you’re dreaming of.



Witty. Intelligent. Stylish. Real. That’s how my clients describe me.  My husband says I’m a study in contrast.  My kids will tell you I’ve got wicked kitchen dance moves. (Step aside Bruno Mars!)  I’d say I’m “classic with a twist.”

This might all have something to do with the fact that I was raised on a sheep farm on the prairies of western Canada (read: I have a balanced sensed of humour and humility).  And, yet, I make no apology for my 5-star tastes and love of style. I value freedom (in both time and money) above all else.

I’m passionate about you creating a business you love and living the life you deserve.  I know that when a woman takes herself seriously – everyone benefits and I’m all about making this world a better place, one woman at a time.  So if it’s time for you to build the life and business you adore, let’s talk!

Book a complimentary 30-minute session with me to discover if this program is right for you.


I’ve been a coach, consultant, designer, stylist, therapist, or advisor for a while now but I’m not hitting my financial goals.  Is this program for me?

Yes! If you’re not hitting your financial goals consistently it means that there’s an emotional breakdown happening in one these areas: your beliefs, your mindset, your money story, your sales conversations, your message, your visibility or your marketing.  If you have resistance in any one of these areas, we will uncover it and work through it so you can stop spinning, take confident action, hit your goals and grow beyond them.

I’m an emerging entrepreneur.  Will this program teach me how to build a business?

This program can provide a powerful kick-start if you’re looking to leverage your existing expertise and create a business-of-self as an independent coach, consultant, designer, stylist, therapist, or advisor.  Or, if you’ve been running your business on the side and are ready to turn it into your main gig, this is perfect program for you!  It will provide you the critical emotional and strategic support to navigate the transition gracefully so you can grow from the start, not be a flash-in-the-pan.

But let me be clear: this is not a nuts and bolts business-building program. We will not build your website, design your logo, or create your sales funnel. I can provide suggestions on how to refresh or tweak existing elements, not create them from scratch.


How much time does this program require of me?

It’s a 6-month program that typically requires 6 to 10 hours a month of your time (3 hours a month for our coaching sessions plus homework and implementation time).  Our sessions will always occur during regular business hours (no evening appointments), we always honor holidays and, together, we’ll create a coaching schedule to flex and fit your needs.

Still not sure? Give me the ol’ sniff test.

The most powerful partnerships require the right chemistry. So if your curious about working together but still not sure, book a private phone/Skype call with me here.