{VIDEO} Your $0 success strategy…

Women are typically blessed with a keen emotional radar.

Unfortunately, modern work culture tells us to dismiss the wisdom that’s available through our feelings and intuition.

But our emotions aren’t bad or wrong.

In fact, there’s great wisdom available to us when we take a few minutes to acknowledge our emotions!

So just how do we glean those nuggets of wisdom?

In this week’s video I share my favourite $0.00 success strategy…

I invite you to journal this week about what you’re feeling. And, if journaling is new to you, set a timer and give yourself permission to write down whatever comes to mind for 10 minutes.

This simple strategy is hugely empowering (and cathartic) as it gives you permission to be completely unedited AND begin to see what wisdom is hiding just below the surface.

For example,

You know you should be excited about that new assignment but you’re procrastinating… Journal about why. You might uncover that you:

  • Worry that a teammate will take all the credit for your hard work
  • Lack confidence in your skills and need more guidance
  • Don’t believe it’s a good use of time and resources

Whatever you uncover – you’ll be in a stronger position to create a solution and take action than if you blindly barrelled ahead and ignored your feelings.

Your feelings are yours for a reason! Acknowledge them through journalling and tap into the wisdom that’s already yours.


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