What are you waiting for?

I’ve always been captivated by music’s ability to give voice to our inner truths.

When our own words fail us, the right piece of music can express our emotions in a powerful way.

And how is it that we can memorize the words to a catchy new tune with ease and yet struggle to remember our own computer password? [Guilty]

It’s because music is Morse code for the soul.

We are naturally drawn to a piece of music when it resonates with who we are and what we’re experiencing in that moment.  Simply put: something about it is true for us.

It could be the tempo, the lyrics, or the mood of the music that hooks us but, when it does, it’s irresistible.

When it’s not safe to say what we think or feel, music gives our soul a way to express itself.


[Secret admission: I’ve always had a habit of breaking into spontaneous dance.]

Whether it’s to celebrate after an especially powerful conversation with a client or in preparing to write this blog post, I’m always inclined to turn up the volume and get down.

Moreover, music has a way of inspiring us to act.  When our brain is slamming on the brakes and hurling cautionary thoughts at us, music hands us the keys and calls, “shotgun!”

So what are you waiting for?

Here are four of my favourite musical tonics for life’s situations:

  • Feeling discouraged & criticized?  Taylor Swift’s Shake It Off is your perfect comeback.
  • Feeling fed up with hiding out and playing small in life?  Nickelback’s What Are You Waiting For is your kick in the pants.
  • Needing a dose of love and self-acceptance?  Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings serve it up with an irresistible groove in We Get Along.
  • Ready to conquer the workplace?  Nothing beats the Dark Vader Theme song!

So go ahead!  Turn up the volume and dance a little. Give voice to those dreams inside of you.  Get down with the music and step up to life!



P.S. What’s YOUR favourite dance song? I’d love to know!

Post your favourite tune – and why you love groovin’ to it – on my Facebook Page here.


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