1-Day Intensive

You’ve worked hard and proven you have what it takes… And yet,

You feel unfulfilled and off-track.

Most days you’d rather not go to work and have to put on the mask of happy worker bee.  You fantasize about leaving your job, taking a break or doing something more authentic, more rewarding and way more inspiring.  You just know that you were meant for more!

The problem is that amid the rush of your regular routine there just hasn’t been the time and space to identify what “it” is. You’re always too busy, too tired, and too distracted to create clarity and take action.

Until now.

This is your private invitation to join me for a full day of powerful, transformative coaching and career up-leveling.  This is your exclusive opportunity to finally get the clarity you need to step into the life you’ve always wanted.

Join me and make it all possible with:

Your 1-Day Intensive 


Yes Please!




This is your opportunity to get absolute clarity if:

  • You’re a seasoned professional that’s sick of working for someone else.
  • You know you’re destined for great things, if only you could overcome the self-doubt that’s keeping you stuck.
  • You’re done putting your dreams, family, and life on hold and are ready to create your own path to success.
  • You’re feeling trapped in your job and are ready to create a biz that will light you up, leverage you expertise AND earn an income.
  • You see other women loving their work and making great money – it’s time for YOU to plot your entrepreneurial path!




Instead of waiting for someday to start your business and have the freedom you crave, I’m inviting you to make it a reality today.  Life is too short to do work that doesn’t fulfill you, wastes your talents, and erodes your confidence.  The good news is that you’re closer to career freedom & fulfilment than you think!  The truth about what to do is already waiting inside of you to be recognized.   It requires uncovering the truth about who you are (your personality, talents and purpose) and then identifying where they align with your desires.

You just need a veteran coach that can expertly draw it out and make it all makes sense.  Finally. Simply. Strategically.  (That’s my speciality!)


When your work is a clear reflection of you – success comes easily no matter how you define it.



Heather-Final-016As a veteran coach I’ve had the privilege of working with some pretty impressive women.  Over the past 9 years I’ve worked with CEO’s, lawyers, bankers, accountants, designers, and engineers… ladies who were successful by many standards, but privately they knew there was more possible for them. They were aching for more meaning, freedom and joy in their career.

Plus, I live exactly what I coach.  I learned to navigate my own ‘quarter life crisis’ at the age of 28, I lived through the 30-something meltdown of starting my own business while juggling marriage and motherhood, and have created a healthy 6-figure income based on my unique talents.

Because of my background and expert coaching style, I offer the feedback, focus and objectivity that well-meaning friends and family members just can’t deliver.  (As much as they love you, they’re too attached to your current situation.)

Where someone else might not be able to see your unique talents or untapped potential – because they’ve always seen you as the responsible one or the steady one or the naïve one or whatever the story is – when you and I work together, it’s a completely objective space.  A safe and inspiring space to be seen as you really are.

I’ll serve as an unbiased, reassuring voice who can help you put in order the puzzle pieces of your authentic self and identify the actionable steps that will create a business that leverages the best of who you are.



First, an amazing thing happens when a women deeply invests in herself.  By saying YES! to an Intensive, you are saying YES to your future.  This single act is so inspiring and permission-giving, that your transformation begins even before we meet.

Second, being enveloped in a fresh new environment, shielded from life’s interruptions, naturally invites your most inspired, creative and powerful self forward. I know from experience that if you desire to create big success, your true self needs the opportunity to show up and make it happen.

Finally, an Intensive is all about focus, which means we’ll get 3 months worth of coaching done in a single day!

If you’re tired of feeling stuck in your career and desire deep-dive action and rapid clarity, there’s no better way to achieve that than with a private Intensive.



Access all that I know in our private day together and unlock the key to your success – not by trying to be someone you aren’t but by becoming more of who you’ve always been.



You wake up to a beautiful, blue-sky day. The air is filled with possibility. You’ve slept better than you have in months and woke up excited, refreshed and focussed.

Today is the day everything changes.

Wearing your favourite new outfit and feeling energized, you head out to meet your coach. You already seem freer, lighter, and somehow more powerful than before.

You’re greeted by your coach and settle into a luxurious meeting room that’s been prepared just for you.  Soft light streams in from large windows that seem to expand the space and your energy.  There are fresh flowers, delicious snacks and an agenda focused entirely on you. 

You spend the day digging deep, restoring confidence and bringing life to your greatest career vision. You feel more alive than you have in months, even years.

Everything that was holding you back in your career suddenly seems so small – and you’re not even sure why it stood in your way before. You see your future more clearly than ever before, and you know precisely what to do.

You’ve laughed, you’ve cried, you’ve dined on delicious food and nurtured your soul.  As the day winds down, you feel relaxed, renewed and in touch with the business and life you’ve always wanted.  

Today you step into your power.  Today you create your own success. 



A 1-Day Intensive is perfect for you if:

  • You want rapid clarity about your success blocks; why things aren’t happening and what exactly to do about it
  • You are ready for focussed attention so you can create big momentum
  • You know it’s high time to stop spinning and start creating success
  • You want to carefully evaluate your options, make a decision and precisely map out your next steps

Plus, your Intensive is customized to you, no matter what your career and educational experience & no matter what type of business you might be considering. You will walk away from our day together knowing exactly  what’s right for you so that you can ditch the stress and self-doubt and finally move forward in your life with confidence, clarity, and ease.


You can expect to leave the day with:

  • Renewed confidence in who you are and where your genius lies so that you can step into the next phase of your career grace and ease.
  • Clarity on your purpose, motivations and desires so you can stop spinning in indecision and overwhelm.
  • Your Success Criteria & Non-negotiables to navigate effortless business decisions for today, tomorrow and years to come!
  • A Concrete Action Plan that maps out your next steps, slays your fears and keeps you moving forward as you make the entrepreneurial leap.
  • A Shortened Timeline because you’ll finally be on YOUR path to success instead of waiting for “someday” when the stars align or you win the lottery.













Your Career Intensive package will include:

  • Welcome Package is a comprehensive guide to help you clarify your goals, uncover your challenges and create a foundation for our work together.  This way, your transformation begins even before we meet!
  • 1 x 45 Minute Kick-off Call to solidify our objectives and fully prepare for our day together. 
  • Private Intensive Day (9am to 3pm) hosted in a luxurious location in Lethbridge, Alberta, OR select destinations throughout the year.*
  • Your own Intensive Binder with the full program & customized resources for the day.  This way, your growth will continue long after our time together ends.
  • Delicious refreshments & a gourmet lunch with me during your Intensive.
  • 1 x 45 Minute Follow-up Call for implementation support held within the 30 days following your Intensive.

* Clients are responsible for their own travel arrangements and accommodations. Inquire directly for host locations outside of Lethbridge.


Your Investment $3,000 CAD*

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*Payment in full at the time of booking. Canadian Residents GST is not included and will be added to the invoice.


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